Having mag Issues

So i raided a pure melee support mag up to lvl 176, i did a random quest and mag got hungry and tried to feed it and sudenly i cannot see any weapons to feed my mag, only mate items, does any1 know why, i think i am missing something but i am not sure, help please :d!pso20210113_204228_000.jpg

@uaguiaru Hmm, I feel like I've been unable to feed my mag weapons/units if they're too high in rarity (10 star and above?), but I'd have to double-check. You also won't see any gear that you've locked.

But the problem is this was today like a few minutes ago, well 1 h or 2 now sorry, i have been feeding him weapons ever since up to this point so is there any specific rule for when it reaches lvl 175, do i need to evolve him furthger using an item, is there a gimmick behind it, i googled it and checked guides and no information bout it or if it is a issue i haven't seen any1 with the same problem, any ideas :o?

PS:. i have been feeding him 10 star weapons most of the time and 9 stars anything bellow, managed to feed him 11 stars a few times too never been an issue, that and monomates to lower the dex.

You shouldn't have been able to feed your mag 10☆+ items at all, and that itself was probably a bug.

Either way, don't forget that you can get Mag Mini Food Devices from the Photon Sphere Shop to power level your Mag (since they are Devices, they are given via the Use Device option, so they aren't limited to 3 items at a time); I think you just need 96 of them at that Mag level, which is 64 Photon Spheres.

Feeding 10 star weapons is a bug, oh crap i thought it was normal oo, what star weapons can i feed ym mag then oo?

PS:. I will check the food you said thx for the hints!

@uaguiaru Ugh, that's a frustrating bug to run into! You should be able to feed any 9 star or lower weapon, but if you get 4 star furniture to drop that's also a possibility. Here's a post outlining options for each type of mag.

But as AndrlCh mentioned, mag food device minis are super useful and you can create photon spheres from certain weapons/units using the swap shop. And if you haven't created your 3 free characters, you could create a new one and they'll get a batch of food devices at Level 30 (back in the day some people even kept making new characters, leveling to 30, and then deleting them to make a new character just to sell the food devices on the player shop).