[SHIP 01: FEOH] Geek Squad Recruiting! #1 Ranked all 2020


Main Alliance Name:

Geek Squad

Main Alliance Type:

Competitive, Activity, Grinding, Grouping

Leaderboard ARKs Trophies:

"Five (5) 1st Place Trophies" for Alliance Rankings!

One (1) 3rd Place, One (1) 4th Place, & Two (2) 5th Place Trophies" for Rare Item Acquisitions!

Current Achievements:

Currently 2nd Place in Alliance Rankings

Sister Alliance Name: Geek Squad INC.

Sister Alliance Type: At your Own Pace, Fashion is Endgame!

Achievements: Nearly Maxed Tree, Top 50 in Rankings

Cousin Alliance Name: Geek Squad LLC.

Sister Alliance Type: Social Community, RolePlay

Achievements: Nearly Maxed Tree, Top 50 in Rankings

TimeZones: All-Inclusive TimeZone Community!

Geek Squad is back at it again with another recruitment for active ARKs Operatives who enjoy communicating, grinding, and chillaxing while Looking to Be Apart of something Fun & Amazing!”

Geek Squad has Ranked 1st Place "BACK-6-BACK" in the Past 6 Seasons (1st Place from June-December) for Alliance Rankings on the Leaderboards.

(you may via Visiphone -> #1 in Previous Rankings, #1 in Latest Rankings)

photos attached below

  1. Our Main Alliance Geek Squad is Currently Ranked #2, for the 2021 Season; taking is slow. Why? Geek Squad *has continuously dominated the 2020 Season from June to December and has decided to take it slow in 2021 and build Activity and Sociality, in preparation for Phantasy Star: New Genesis! Of Course we don’t plan to fall off anytime soon on Leaderboards! Our Alliance Quarters already has the Maximum Amount of Trophies, lol!

  2. Our Sister Alliance Geek Squad INC. is Currently Ranked #40, for the 2021 Season; let’s go Sister Alliance!

  3. Our Cousin Alliance Geek Squad LLC. is Currently Ranked in the #53, for the 2021 Season; beat up Sister, Cuzzo!

Geek Squad has an Activity Count of 25-30+ Members Online for your enjoyment with interacting and grouping!

We have a professionally organized Level 3 Discord Nitro ServeR (voice comms included) and many guides and tips for new and veteran players to check out!

We host Casino Nights, Casino Nights, 12-Man Urgent Quest/Explorations/Ultis/Triggers, Fashion Shows, and AC Raffle Events, WEEKLY!

"We are reaching out to all skill levels & experiences to see if anyone was interested in building with us to continue to make Geek Squad amazing!"

(Geek Squad Currently has 90/100 slots)

We accept Small & Big Groups!

(Our other Alliances have spaces to incorporate Big Groups and Alliance Merges, as well!)

(Our Main Alliance also plans to purge about 15 Inactive Members, technically 75/100, if need be)

If you are interested please Comment Below, DM me, or contact any of these players below:

Main Alliance Officers (Competitive Grind)


PNID: KFC (KFC#9184)

PNID: Ulzzang69 (Ulzzang69#1337)

PNID: Kate Den Fhuil (Kate Den Fhuil#5912)

PNID: Diva Baby (Diva Baby#3872)

PNID: Sicarius VI (Sicarius VI#6258)


Sister Alliance Officers (Fashion Grind/Chill)


PNID: Popeyes (KFC#9184)

PNID: Gimmetheloot (Toothy#6017)

PNID: Yuuki95 (Eatenjoe#8616)

PNID: Superpowerstar7 (Superpowerstar7#4945)

PNID: Shifty2319 (Shifty2319#7504)

PNID: Enigma⸘𝒸ₚᵤ┊꧁丂oЛo×うずめ箱崎꧂♕#2769

Cousin Alliance Officers (Social Community/RolePlay)


PNID: Caret Tilde (Caret U Tilde#9105)

PNID: Bismarck (Bismarck#7001)

11.jpg 10.jpg 9.jpg 8.jpg 7.jpg 6.jpg 5.jpg 4.jpg 3.jpg 2.jpg 1.jpg Respectfully, PNID: KFC Gamertag: Mr EatsKFCalot Discord: KFC#9184

I'd be interested in joining up. I'm back from a hiatus, a bit confused about some of the new stuff and want a chill group to play with. PlayerID name is Seaghan and my discord is Seaghan#2103. My work shifts me from morning to evening central time, so I should be on at different times and be able to meet most of you. 🙂

I hope I could join. I usually get on daily need help leveling up the last bit of etoile and the new Lester class. And doing quest stuff. Just want to be useful

I'd be interested in joining, if you guys are cool with a new player asking A LOT of questions... IGN Kayronik