Evolution Device Chat

Someone goofed, easily understandable lol

シャト = sato

チャト = chat

They listed mag device chat lol instead of sato. I see many other Sato themed things in the game with the proper name too. Just wanted to help post and point it out for gm's too see and hopefully fix and also players like me wondering what is a chat mag!? to know whats up too.!604e105328ff3fa6cf83125917b99607.jpg

I actually made a thread over in the Bug Report section for things like this. Although I'm not sure if the GMs are seeing it. None of the things reported in the thread so far were fixed it seems. https://forum.pso2.com/topic/352/in-game-typos-text-related-issues-report/13

Nah fam. It's a feature. Just like how pico pico squeaky hammer is.

Lmao I saw that in the shop yesterday. @Ilúvatar I forgot to tell you about chat being my favorite, It is green cat!

I'm glad this game supports Japanese text. I would be confused otherwise lol. シャト and ピコピコ it still says for me. =3