The Cat Community

I've just come back to the forums after some time away, now caught up with the current release of chapter 6 I decided I would wander astray and check-out the 'Top Posters' section. My perfection! ...what a section!

Nearly 20% of posters feline, how sublime.

Row by row by row by row, 1 cat, 2 cat, 3 cat, 4,

5 cat, 6 cat, 7 cat, more... Oh, how I do adore.


Cheers to all of my peers, Cat or otherwise.

I didn't know I was the top poster. I guess my demon lady in disguise is getting some love.


Queen cold, ever so bold. You know when you take to written word, it is always heard. 😺

Wow, I'm on the list?

I'm only on page 2

This also reminds me of frequent posters like @ERICK001BC whom we seem to have lost, please come back at any cost!

Meanwhile I'm on page 4.

Not unexpected as I usually don't talk much here.

Oh god I’m here way too much.

Also I usually have a cat avatar but too lazy, maybe someday one of my kitten.

Welcome back.

Surprised I'm not further up the list. Not that I particularly post a ton, but a lot of times it feels like there's a lot less users on the forums than that. A few of them probably were more prolific + just don't post anymore, though.

I don’t recognize a good portion of the list, especially on the last two pages.

I’m here a lot because I have a lot of breaks at work, unfortunately I don’t get to play the game as much as I’d like. I still wanna know what’s up, especially FF!

Not sure how I am still at #3. Was gone for several months before recently.



I'm trying to get both my classes to 95 since I've been back, not sure when we can all expect New Genesis.

Haha, great responses everyone, I was kind of surprised I was still on there as well. Glad to be back.

I recognize almost everyone there. Also a certain GM is also on the board. Just shows how active Deynger is. I'm honestly surprised I managed to break a thousand posts.

Honestly I'm surprised our resident fedora isn't top of the list!