Does the Designer Dreams cosmetic ever come back?

I new in to the game so I don't know how often a cosmetic rotate but I want some of the cosmetic that were in that event but I never have to chance to begin with because I never knew of this game until now. I want the Ballooned Bosom I have a female Deuman that I want the make her look like a adult femme fatale style woman and looking at the auction house the Bosom match with the outfit and skin and it make my character look more cooler and unique. My outfit don't show any skin at all which is fine I don't want a overly sexy character so I can take serious the story and I like the outfit even thought is one of the first outfit you can get and so I want those bosom the fit the personality and style and make her more unique by kind of changing the look of my outfit. But I am stuck because by the time I reach the amount of meseta that the people ask they might worth triple the price or even out of stock. Might not be the case but is a chance.

Like really what material those Ballooned Bosom are made of the make their price so high. You literally have the save the world 1,000,000 times the even barely buy a pair of props that world economy must have some serious problem right there weapon are cheaper than balloons...

Really the question is does those items ever comeback.

They do have Throwback Collections at certain times during the year which brings certain popular items back. Though don't expect it to be the color you want if it ever comes back into the Collection set.

I use to play Toram and they have countless of differents accesories and outfits and they always have a event that last for week like pso2 but at the same time they have events that only last days and rotated faster (mostly old events rotated this way) and sometimes they have 2 of those events at the same time... I wish it was like this in pso2.

But instead they have newly(old) finds stuff that only last for 22hours...Thought the game have epic bosses and great fighting mecanics is a very well made game they should change the way the gacha events work a little.