Quick Dismantling

The suggestion says it all that quick dismantling instead of 10 at a time from the inventory would be a much appreciated thing to stop spending too much time trying to dismantle all the loot you collect. If it could be programmed to use the dismantle option like normal from the crafting menu by adding "Item Dismantle from storage" so you only have to choose from wherever you keep all your gear that'll be dismantled, it will put all crafting material in that same storage so you dismantled from and leave you with the only burden of moving the materials instead of the back and forth.

I don't mind if I have to move materials more than I have to go back and forth filling up my inventory just to dismantle, store materials because I can't dismantle anymore unless I make space, and then repeat same steps.

Ooh, ooh, this has been a pet peeve for a while. Lemme at it.

Selling, swapping and dismantling need some huge ass QoL. Please consider:

  • Allowing dismantling anywhere, or at least at shop terminals
  • Some kind of mass sell or mass dismantle menu at the appropriate venue, that lets us sell all items that meet criteria we set (example: sell all sub-10 star weapons/armor, dismantle all 13 star weapons). I'm aware you can highlight multiple items with the R trigger; this is more something you should be able to do en masse in a few presses.
  • An auto-swap setting for items below a certain rarity (egs: auto-swap 10 stars for EX Cubes/Photon Spheres).
  • Auto-deposit resultant materials into materials storage if necessary.
  • Allow use of casino passes, extreme passes, merit +10% and other enhancement items from storage.


While they're at it, make it so that you don't need to take things like grinders out of storage to upgrade units and stored meseta can be used by all characters straight from storage, obviously using personally carried meseta first. Maybe the obvious improvements will be added to NGS.

@_Flux_ @Yggranya I'm gonna pause you on these points, "Allow use of extreme passes from storage." "make it so that you don't need to take things like grinders out of storage to upgrade units" That's exactly what Material Storage does. Everything else said is fair claims.

This thread might as well be changed to a better name then.

One small touch I'd like to see is... when enhancing, affixing and so on, you can press a button to skip the animation that happens in the middle of the screen. But this doesn't work with dismantling for some reason and it'd be a nice QoL improvement if it did.

@Church10129 Really? So simple convenience is something you have to pay for? Why am i not surprised?

@Yggranya To be fair, Material Storage is easy to get because we get SG from mission pass, Magatsu keys, ect..... Although I would like to see this happen for all storages because it is a major inconvenience if people don't want to get material storage and save their SG. I do see your point on why having to pay for something is convenient because it's a backwards way of thinking.