Need help

I need help my game won't launch.

What platform are you using; XBox, Windows Store, or Steam?

@AndrlCh I am using Steam

Does the launcher start up?

@AndrlCh Yes and I press start game and it closes

@Suavemars956 said in Need help:

@AndrlCh Yes and I press start game and it closes

Are you trying to play it on Wine, Linux (Proton/Steam), MacOS or a Virtual Machine? Because GameGuard won't let the game run on those.

Also Cheat Engine cannot be running. (It can be installed.)

@Suavemars956 If you aren't trying to run on one of the systems that @coldreactive mentioned, try running a file check by hitting the "Check File" button underneath the "Start Game" one, and make sure that the game's install folder/subfolders are set as exceptions in both your anti-virus and Windows Security, particularly the gameguard folder.

Ok let me check