What is White Day? (From PSO2Comi)

It's time for some clarification for anyone that hasn't encountered this holiday before.

In Japan and some other Asian nations Valentine's Day is essentially split into two holidays in contrast to how things are in the west. Valentine's day is the day when women will give gifts to men. White Day is essentially the answer to the gifts given on Valentine's Day where one month later a man will reciprocate with a gift of their own back.

For more detail you can read up on the holiday at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_Day

The online Phantasy Star games have celebrated both valentine's day and white day with lobbies and seasonal enemies before.

This provided one of the best examples of Universe's hilarious localisation; each day had its own seasonal enemies - Rappy Amure for valentine's day and Jaggo Amure for white day. These enemies dropped unique room furnishings, which for white day was the understandable "WD Lovers", but for valentine's day was "BT Lovers" prompting several jokes calling the day "Barentine's Tay" and earning an extra chuckle from UK players as BT is our biggest telephone company.