New Matoi Outfits?


I’m not familiar with Idola at all, are these new Matoi outfits? They look like variations of the phantom and hero outfits. If they are Matoi outfits apart from what’s coming with this scratch are all the parts all ready in the game I.e. outfits accessories and hair? And if they are can someone give me a list of it all so I can easily find it when I log on. Thanks.

They are. I'm assuming they will exist in a future mission pass or SG scratch. The Idola scratch has the hair's featured here but i'm not sure about the accessories on the hair themselves.

The original version was listed here ( Please note that this scratch ends with the maintenance of JP server this week. After the scratch is delisted, this detailed scratch item list will also become inaccessible soon, I guess.

Seeing from the list, the new items are Matoi Law Hair, Matoi Chaos Hair and Idola Matoi Pose. The outfits seem to be using the standard Ruby color variation of Helios Dilua and Carretera Vinto series. Still I heard that Ruby variation of Helios Dilua was omitted in the global when it appeared in Legendary Heroes AC scratch, I'm curious if the new scratch will include the Ruby version.

Also Matoi in Idola (

Cool, thanks guys

Yeah Matoi's Chaos and Law form in Idola are her choosing to follow the path of a Phantom or Hero because she believes she needs to become like them for the sake of Vandor (the world in Idola). I think the only thing that's not really available is the red variant of whichever piece of the hero armor set has the legwear (I forget which one that was) in red.

Looking good