Accuracy on Alliance Campaign?

PSO2 Screenshot.png

Not sure if this is the right spot to place this, but I noticed that one of the banners that comes up while loading an area mentions a Hagith Femt Emote as a reward when you and your alliance fulfills the requirements of this campaign. However, when you click on the link for more details and view the same banner, it instead shows the prize being an Armor Visor accessory (please see below).


Could you please verify which is supposed to be the correct information? The information feels misleading, if not a bit concerning that there could have been potentially a different prize that would have been won instead.

Thank you for your time, and hope to hear back soon!

The Armor Visor Accessory is the more accurate one. The Hagith Femt Emote is for the Join the Twitter Party Campaign.

@Anthro-Cheetah Ahh, I see. Skimmed through the other news and managed to find it. These images are nearly identical, so it was kind of confusing haha. Thank you!