Braver & Sub class

Hello, I have some few questions on the Braver class and the Sub classes that could compliment my playstyle.

I am looking to play a hybrid style which can have sustain/survivability for using the katana, as well as DPS for using the bow. Braver is fun because you get to see the best of both worlds; melee and ranged.

Based on my playstyle above, what should I upgrade on my braver skill tree? What Sub class should I take (including scion classes), and the upgrades in those skill trees? Mag, Units, and Ring suggestions would be helpful also!

This is my first MMORPG so im kinda overwhelmed by everything so I really appreciate your help!

For your Braver Tree, with the amount of Skill Points you can get and the lv85 「Braver Combination」 Skill, you can take every 「Stance」 Skill (except the 「Critical」 Skills, which you don't need thanks to 「Braver Combination」), and every Katana and Bow specific Skill, and still have Skill Points left over to put into other miscellaneous Skills.

One of the best subclasses for a Katana-only or Hybrid Braver is Phantom, and its tree is pretty simple: just take everything that isn't part of the 「Phantom Marker」 line.

Your basic Tree would look something like this:

You want to get a full DEX mag for this build because the Skills 「Braver Mag」 and 「Phantom Mag」 stack together and will convert that 200 DEX into 400 MEL-Pwr and 400 RNG-Pwr.

You are going to want to create the 「Critical Strike (R)」Composite Ring so you can get +20% Crit Rate and +3% Crit Damage with both Katana and Bow, but to do so, you need to level a 「Critical Strike: Melee (R)」, 「Critical Strike: Ranged (R)」, and 「Critical Strike: Technique (R)」 to +20, so that can take a while. As for your class-specific Ring, you can get 「Brave Power (L)」 which is a Composite Ring of 「Katana Combat Hitcount Up (L)」 (reduces the number of hits needed to power up your finisher during 「Katana Combat」) and 「Bow Homing (L)」 (makes normal Bow attacks home-in on enemies).

Thats a great outline of what I wanted. Thank you very much!