So, I forgot my second password and everything I know isn't working. I go to reset it, and it says that my current play environment is unsuitable. Which I'm assuming is fancy for "you can't do this on console". Annoying, but whatever.

So why do I have to submit a ticket, get no response, and be completely unable to access the shop? Why does the shop even NEED a password? In other MMOs, the second password was needed when you play. And resetting it was an automatic process through your email. I see no reason why PSO2 doesn't employ a similar strategy. It's obvious that you can't keep up with the requests, so why not automate the process? It would be faster, people would be far happier, and you would have less tickets to sort through. Which means that you can focus on real issues the player base has, and we can access the shops and trade with friends. It's just annoying and unnecessary to have to have someone have to sit there and process something as tiny as a password reset. It's slow, clunky, and more than anything else-- absolutely infuriating when you have to wait days to do something that I've done myself in five minutes.