what gear is Recommended for Base Defense Training: VR on Ultra Hard?

what gear is Recommended for Base Defense Training: VR on Ultra Hard?

Any 15* weapon and 13* unit. But it comes down to affixes. Especially the S-Grade affixes.

If you die alot, add damage reduction. If you're lacking crit damage, add crit affixes.

@MagmaBlaze But what if you don't die a lot, have high crit, but still do poopy damage? 🤔

Techter life.

@MagmaBlaze said in what gear is Recommended for Base Defense Training: VR on Ultra Hard?:

Any 15* weapon and 13* unit. But it comes down to affixes. Especially the S-Grade affixes.

If you die alot, add damage reduction. If you're lacking crit damage, add crit affixes.

what affixes & S-Grade affixes do you Recommended ? @MagmaBlaze

@OldStrongSide What class/weapon do you main and what's your meseta budget look like for affixing?

@Rang-Dipkin I mostly main Ranger/ Phantom. However I play most other classes also. i have quite a bit Meseta for a medium size budget. I'm looking for some affixing that help with damage while at the same time giving good survivability.

@OldStrongSide Ra has enough iframes at a range that you really shouldn't be too concerned with survivability once you meet the bare minimum of not getting oneshotted by literally everything. S6: Guardian Shield, Alles di Soul (EX?), and Berouge Glare are some affixes that are reasonably easy to access. I play Et sub though, so I don't know exactly how much you'll need to meet that minimum on Ph sub.

For your weapons, I believe top of the line S1-S3 right now is Augment Will/Prec. Will(2)/Prec. Will(2)? Rifle can replace those with Goliathslayer affixes if they're cheaper.

More importantly, do you have a Genon rifle for PP? An extra 10% damage isn't as useful as being able to instantly cap your PP at will, especially when you can heal it off on the move. Even just having the S2 is a huge difference.

@OldStrongSide Gotcha! So it sounds like you'd want a more universal set of units to play with multiple classes while leaning towards Range damage when possible.

I haven't gotten into Phantom (or Ranger) yet, but from what I've read you probably want to hit at least 200PP to get the most out of Photon Stream. 200PP would also give you 40% crit rate from (a maxed out) Critical Stream and combining that with the Right crit ring (20%) makes the critical damage S-grade augs appealing as AiC-L mentioned.

S1: Augment Will grants 0.5% unconditional damage for every slot on your weapon (maxing out at 4% at 8-slots). However, Aug Will may be a little pricey so S1: Precision Will (3% crit dmg), Goliathslayer (4% boss dmg), and even Aggressive Will (2% unconditional dmg) are also good options that should be pretty cheap. S2: Precision Will 2 (4% crit dmg) and S3: Precision Will 2 (5% crit dmg) will be moderately expensive (~10M), but they're decent investments because you can always transfer them to new weapons in the future. Alternatively, you could save money by just using their base version as this only sacrifices 1% dmg (i.e. Precision Will without the 2).

If you're using an Atlas Ex or Rivalate we could talk about the S4/S5, but I'm just going to assume an S1-3 for now (e.g. if you're using the Croesus/Millionaire series from the 15 star Collection Folder). With S1-3, upslotting is much less painful so I'd shoot for at least 6-slots and probably even 7 on your main weapon. So with your 3 or 4 free augment slots you could aim for:

  • Astral Soul (+35 All, +35 HP, +5PP): get any 6 or 7-slot Union weapon and enhance it to +35 to unlock its SAF (prices are pretty low due to dropping from Rainbow Keys)
  • Precision 6 (+45 Range dmg): get a 6 or 7-slot Dim range weapon and unlock its SAF (prices should also be low due to dropping from Armada UQ)
  • If you use Jellen Shot or mostly play multiplayer content, Phrase Decay (5% dmg if Jellen'd): get any 6 or 7-slot Basilisk weapon and unlock its SAF (super cheap atm)
  • Graceful Precision (+50 Range dmg, +5 PP): capsule that should be reasonably priced on player shops; could go for Grand Precision if you have meseta to spare (+60 Range dmg, +20 HP, +5 PP)

You could also check the price of any of the Profound weapon series. At 6-slots they should be pretty cheap, but 7-slots might start getting more expensive (8-slots was around 15M a couple weeks ago). If you get the SAF on 4 profound weapons (Reverie Catalyst) + a weapon with Omega Memoria (really cheap atm) you can make Mana Reverie (+50 all attack, +20 HP, + 4PP) with ease.

Other SAFs (NA list that's not fully up to date; JP list that uses slightly different names) that you could use include Doom Break 2 (Cereus series, from Rainbow keys so pretty cheap atm), Doom Break 3 (Orb series from 15 star collection folder so it takes awhile to get 6 copies to +35 them), Sentence Tyro (any ranged Ivlida or Cleasis series weapon), or Sentence Precision (any ranged Gix series weapon).

Using SAFs also makes it easier to find room for augments that don't have a SAF and require multiple copies such as Berouge Glare, Yamato Factor, etc. (NA list which is a little outdated, and JP list that has slightly different translations, e.g. Berouge = Veluge). You can use the affix assistant to see what it would take to make these (original with JP names; translation of the original to NA names).

Making units is more difficult because they can only hold 1 S-grade augment (making upslotting harder) and SAFs are only on 13 star units. So, for now, I'd probably only make 5-slot units because upslotting is still 100% at 5-slots with a 40% augmentation aid. My plan would be:

  • Spend 300 Rising Weapon Badge (RWB) 5s to get a full set of Novel units to wear
  • Spend an additional 200 RWB5s to get 2 extra copies of the Novel Arms because their SAF is Precision 5 (+40 Range dmg; you'll use these in your recipe for your Back and Legs)
  • Spend 450 RWB4s to buy 90 Schvelle Boosters and then buy 3 copies of the Cleasis Arm units (or farm Buster Medals to exchange for Ivlida arms that you upgrade to Cleasis)
  • Take those 3 Cleasis arms to Zig and use the Schvelle Boosters to upgrade them into Schvelle Arms because they have Sentence Precision as their SAF (+20 Range dmg, +4 PP)

So now you have 2 slots covered via SAF and can fill out the remaining 3 with:

  • A soul: I'd recommend Alles Di Soul or Ex Alles Di Soul like AiC-L mentioned. The Ex version sacrifices some attack/PP for more damage resistance which can be especially useful in UH content.
  • A capsule: Could go with a mix of Graceful Precision and Graceful/Grand Stamina depending on how much HP you'd like (1500 is an arbitrary goal for UH) and whether you want your units to be more universally useful to other classes.
  • A placeholder augment that you'll replace with an S-grade augment eventually: ARKS Fever is a great candidate as the +5PP is useful in the short term and it's super easy to affix while upslotting (only requires 1 copy and transfers with 100% success before the upslotting penalty).

Other candidates that would have more universal stats are things like Modulator, Doom Break 2, Apprentice Reverie, ARKS MAX, or Berouge Glare (not sure if I've seen Divine Will drop on units though). You could also try for higher-end affixes like Veteran's Resolve and Crack, but I'm thinking of these units as your stepping stone into UH content and then you'll re-affix with higher slots during the next boost week to make your endgame set.

Ugh, this got super long, but once you pick out the affixes you want we could help you set up the recipe as well if that feels daunting.

@Rang-Dipkin I only mention it because it's super cheap and efficient if you're doing a stop-gap low slot affix and want both power and defense. Anything under 5s is ridiculously cheap to buy fodder for, and losing a slot doesn't really hurt. If we're talking actual good stuff then 10% fail isn't something I'd go for.

@AiC-L I hear ya and am guessing that you're talking about trying to get Berouge Glare on the units. I definitely agree that it's really cheap atm and the stats it gives are likely worth taking the 10% risk for his class. However, if I was low on RWBs I may not risk the two SAF fodders in that case (or maybe Dudu has burned me one too many times and I've gotten overly risk averse, haha). Instead I might go with an afforable recipe to re-roll like Grace Capsule, Alles Soul, Berouge, Apprentice Rev, and ARKS Fever/S-grade aug.

@Rang-Dipkin Hah, I didn't even use a capsule for mine. SGA/Alles Di Soul/Berouge/unit's own SAF. It's less than 100k in fodders. If you're going to throw on a capsule you may as well just double the capsule's price to triple the output.