Add hold-to-switch sub-palette control

I hope this is at least destined for NGS if not PSO 2 classic, but one thing thats bugging me as I progress in the game and have more and more things in my sub-palettes is that the controls to switch and use an item or ability is a bit contrived. I have to actually press a key on the other side of my keyboard to switch to one of the specific sub-palettes, and if I miss, I've accidentally unequipped my weapons (because there's no apparent way to disable unused weapon loadouts?).

Basically, I would like it if there was an option that allowed Shift + 1-9 to call up slots on sub-palette 2 and Ctrl + 1-9 to call up slots on sub-palette 3 (could be configurable?). This would also allow me to quickly see the state of my abilities at a glance.

If I have my class abilities and techniques on sub-palette 1, for instance, I can see their cooldowns and activate them all there. On the off-chance I need to use an item or cast a rare technique, they're available on sub-palette 2 (and all I have to do is hold shift to use them, rather than toggling the entire sub-palette and risk fumbling it in the heat of the moment). This already works really well for my weapon actions, so having the same thing for the sub-palette would give me a lot more flexibility in high-pressure situations.

A sub-palette shift is such a no-brainer that I'm shocked in hindsight to think that nobody ever thought to add it. Some classes need fast access to way more than than the 16 buttons you get from three shifted weapon and ten sub-palette buttons, especially with the increased demand for precise timing that began in late Episode 4 and has only grown with the expansion of demanding content since.

It's not just the lack of a shift that is a problem as things stand though; manually switching sub-palettes instantly (using 7-9 on the numpad with default input settings) locks some of your controls for about 1 second - you cannot change the sub-palette back, and you can't even change weapon in this time. Why? It's completely unnecessary, counter-intuitive and a startling contradiction to the idea that we're supposed to be able to play faster for the challenge content. Is it just to reduce some kind of perceived advantage over controller users who need to switch both using the dpad? That seems like a silly reason to me.

Since Episode 5 in particular it's felt like either our ability to input the ever-growing number of useful actions (now with added Dark Blast and Buildup PAs!) needs to either be enhanced or those useful actions need to be condensed, particularly for non-scion classes as scions seem obviously designed with streamlined input for this reason.

I support this as well, since FFXIV can do it, and has good Controller support. I use hotbar switching in FFXIV all the time rather than having multiple sets of hotkeys for each hotbar. It's far easier for me to do that, and I've actually muscle memoried it.

Having sub-palettes and weapon-palettes stored server-side is nice and all, but I'd rather have it stored client side so that you could do this.