Rising weapons badge 5

Hi all, does anybody know where the rising weapon badges 5 drop from, or what is the most efficient way to farm them, i checked some sources, i see it drops from some urgent quests, but i keep getting unique weapon badges, i haven't seen a single unique weapons badge 5 drop, i know i got a few but my problem is i do not have any idea where they came from, a bit more insight about the rising badges weapon 5 would be much apreciated.

@uaguiaru Unfortunately, the best sources I knew ended with the new year, i.e. Xia's daily Christmas client orders and the Christmas UQ (which dropped between 16-20 badges on UH). However, on the forums I've heard that other UQs can also drop them on UH (though from your research it sounds like it may not be guaranteed).

Otherwise, they've been selling like 10 daily for SG in the FF shop the past few days. In addition, you can get some through specific titles (e.g. you get 100 on your first clear of solo PD on UH with each class). I've also received 100 after using a Rainbow Key that I got from completing the current Ep 6 story campaign. You just have to complete the quest "Goddess Prelude" by the beginning of maintenance on1/19. You'll also get a Rainbow key as part of the Idola login campaign if you sign on at least 3 separate days between 1/13 and 1/20.

We may have to wait for the next Seasonal event (Valentine's Day?) for a new farmable source though.

Wait so the content that drops the badges is only ultra hard mode stuff ? I'm only lvl 74, so dont have any UH mode stuff unlocked yet, so i just need to lvl i guess, makes sense since it is the latest badge i guess ._. .

How long do these episodes last. my objective was to try and max gear 1 class at least, before a new episode release, i am still in time to do that oo?

@uaguiaru Episode 6 is the final episode of the game, and there are only two more Weapon Upgrade lines that are set to be released before reaching the post-story content (which the Japanese version currently is in). The first will be linked to an upcoming Quest type, and the other will be linked to the final raid boss. That said, Rivalate weapons with their Redux potential are still relevant once we get to that point.

@uaguiaru I'm not 100% sure that the UQs have to be on UH to drop RWB5s as I read somebody saying they got a few from the Christmas UQ on lower difficulties (though much fewer than the UH rate). However, it's possible that that's only for the seasonal UQs or that regular UQs have such a low drop rate on lower difficulties that it's as if they don't drop for most players.

For now, I'd focus on completing your weekly "tier missions" to unlock levels of the mission pass because there are badges on there too. And it'd probably be worth it to spend the SG to unlock the gold track to get more badges. I'd also definitely do Chapter 1 of the Ep 6 story for that rainbow key as I believe you only need to be Level 80 to get max rarity rewards (including13* Schvelle units with pretty good augments). And I don't know if you even need to be Lvl 80 to get 100 RWB5s as a completion reward.

As for the length of Episodes, we're technically in the last episode already, though speculation is that we'll probably see at least two more significant updates drop before catching up with the bulk of JP's content. My guess is that we'll get Divide Quests in a few weeks and then Luster like a month later, but I honestly have no idea.

As for gear, they've consistently run "catch-up" events before new Episodes and my guess is we'll get a "Road to Luster" campaign like JP did sometime in February that gives everyone a 15* weapon (Rivalate?) and a set of 13* units (Trailblazer or Rivalate?). There are also rumors that we'll be getting a photon booster for ultimate booster exchange eventually which will make it easier to upgrade certain endgame viable weapons/units. For now, I'd follow the advice in another thread here which was to buy back and arms 12* Ofze units (Ofzeterious and Ofzende) because they should be cheap (were given out in the last catch-up event) and grant a hearty "set bonus" when worn together. I'd also buy the Ofze legs (Ofzetrogie) because the whole set can be upgraded to 13* units later and those have no set bonus requirements (can mix and match as you like). However, the 12* legs have a set bonus that requires using an Ophistia weapon so it'd probably be stronger to spend 100 RWB5s to get the Novel leg units.

Edit: I'd also defer to Andlrch on these questions as he's a longtime vet and I've only been playing since May, haha.

I see ty vm all for the replies and infos, so wait if ep 6 is the final one so is pso 2 gona end oo?????

@uaguiaru AFAIK, Ep6 is the last story content they'll release for base PSO2 and new stories will come from the NGS expansion. In addition, I believe SEGA has said that Luster is the final class to be added to base PSO2. However, they have continued to release some post-story content on the JP server and I'm not sure if they've said that'll stop completely with the release of NGS. For example, from what I've read they've released a new Ultimate solo mission similar to masquerade, a new Extreme quest, a new Challenge Mode quest and more so I'm crossing my fingers that they'll still throw base PSO2 a bone every now and then after NGS. Or maybe they'll do something crazy like have limited campaigns thay add popular (FF?) fashion items to seasonal UQ drop tables as an incentive to dip back over to base PSO2 because fashion can transfer to NGS.

oh so NGS is suposed to be it's own game or a exp fpr pso 2 :o?

@uaguiaru It's kind of a weird middle-ground where if you're into fashion it's more like an expansion because most stuff transfers, and if you're into gameplay it's more like a new game because of the changes to combat/classes and the fact that you'll have to re-level/grind new gear. I haven't been keeping up with the latest reveal streams, but here's what transfers according to the Reddit wiki:

What can I bring with me from PSO2 to PSO2:NGS? The following items have been confirmed to NOT transfer to PSO2:NGS:

  • Skill Rings
  • Consumable Items used for battle, growth, and enhancement
  • Boost Items (Boosters such as Triboosters)
  • Materials
  • Room Furnishings
  • Any currencies other than Arks Cash (AC) and Star Gems (SG)
  • Your item pack/inventory itself

While AC and SG will be shared between PSO2:NGS and PSO2, Meseta, FUN, and other currencies greatly affect the balance of the game's economy and these will not be shared between PSO2:NGS and PSO2. PSO2:NGS will have a new main currency.

PSO2 and PSO2:NGS will have separate inventories. The PSO2 inventory can only store PSO2 items, while the PSO2:NGS inventory can only store PSO2:NGS items.

Character growth, including Class levels & EXP, Class Skills, Photon Arts, Techniques and Titles will also not transfer over.

Weapons, Units and Mags will transfer to PSO2:NGS, but will behave differently:

Weapon stats, augments, and potentials will change. Units will become armor that is not visible. Even Units that have been obtained in PSO2 will become invisible in PSO2:NGS. Much like weapons, stats, augments and potentials will change.

Mags will become more cosmetic, keeping their Evolution Device data but not providing stats and combat benefits.

It is worth noting that Weapons and Units transferred from PSO2 may not be immediately usable until your character reaches a certain level requirement for them.

What fashion will transfer over? The following fashion elements will transfer to PSO2:NGS:

  • Outerwear
  • Outfit
  • Body Parts
  • Arms Parts
  • Legs Parts
  • Weapon Camos

Items registered from tickets, such as:

  • Basewear
  • Innerwear
  • Body Paint
  • Hairstyle
  • Head Parts
  • Accessory
  • Emote
  • Voice
  • Makeup Pattern
  • Stickers
  • Eyebrows
  • Eyelashes
  • Eyes
  • Face Variants

I see, very informative, i actually looked into it, seems cool i guess, thx vm for all the infos m8, thats some work u did there typing all that, apreciated a lot, i am enjoying the game, not much of a social guy so been just doing stuff by myself, maybe i should get more into it and look to join a guild or whatevers called xd!

Haha, no worries man, most of that last post was copied and pasted ;D

But I'm happy to hear you're enjoying the game! IMO, the journey to endgame can be more rewarding than grinding for marginal improvements in endgame, so I'd recommend to just go at your own pace (especially now that we're close to catching up to JP, content-wise).

I'm also not very social in-game and joined a solo alliance (no contribution/participation requirements) for the tree buffs so that's always an option. However, I definitely think your gameplay experience can be enhanced by finding a like-minded group of folks to run less populated content (advanced quests, endless quests, challenge mode, etc.) or farm trigger quests. And then there's the fun to be had from socializing/fashion shoots and there are even alliances that hold monthly events with prizes and all sorts of cool stuff.

Might get into it :d!

Wishing you luck! And just wanted to add that while you can find recruiting alliances at the in-game visiphone, you can often find more in-depth descriptions of their community/expectations on the alliance subforum of this site, the alliance forum on Reddit (new one is posted every 2 weeks so it's sparse atm), and I also hear good things about recruitment on the PSO2 fleet discord but don't use discord myself.