Sega, you are starving your playerbase.

Starved for content? Between farming luther for atlas units, MBVR for Ult boosters and skydance, Ultimate Ship infiltration for crack and piper when it pops up there's honestly plenty to do. It just sounds like your not really willing to get your hands dirty and grind. People are doing runs of all of these pretty regularly on ship 3 block 1. Honestly im sitting on like 100+ ultimate boosters and Two liberate weapons+ full 13* units and i decided id just prepare the stuff needed for a puras Bow and Double saber. Theres always somthing to do its just a matter of if you want to grind for it or not if im being completely honest. Even when ive got nothing to do i just see what my friends in my alliance/friend circle are up to and join them and just have a fun time.

Heck You can even do Endless quest or solo pd or Solo Mom+deus, Masquerade or Phaleg for some more challenging content. If none of this interests you then just play another game.

I say why not add the ULT booster exchange, we shouldn’t treat this game as an exact 1 to 1 to the JP version. Especially with the accelerated timeline there’s no reason we shouldn’t have the ULT trade in already.

Only takes 2 days max to get 50 boosters via VR. Can do it even faster if you're dedicated. Quit being a baby.

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And UB shop is a given, honestly eonder why they're so reluctant to add it.

Because it came way later in Ep6. People have spread way too much fake news about it being a thing in late EP5/early EP6.

Also, the Ult Booster grind isn't even that hard. Go do UH PD... or better yet, spam VR triggers as it has the best rate of Ult Boosters and the highest chance for the very important S8:Skydance Support.

Who the hell expected it to be any time in EP5? It WAS early EP6 though. The earliest I remember trading photon boosters for Ult boosters on JP was sometime in August 2019. 13* units weren't around yet, Ship infiltration Ultimate wasn't around yet, Etoile wasn't around yet, most UH Emergency Quests weren't around yet, EP6 story had barely started, etc. So yes, global SHOULD have the exchange at this point.

I mostly play Global just to hang out with some friends who don't want to play JP so I don't feel like doing shittier versions of grinds I already did (especially when I could just grind for other stuff on JP with that time). Entirely true that the grind isn't hard though. Just a convenience thing.

What do people grind for anyways, i come back after ep4 left me bored and all i see was players literally afking in TDVR.

Why even go through that trouble you aren't gonne use your liberates or skydances anyways. There's only one quest people play for their gear and they can't even bothered to do that.

As for content, i did a solo UH black dragon yesterday, was lots of fun i recommend. Thanks to all UQs being in triggers i finally get to play PSO2 whenever i want and I don't have to wait for anyone or some terrible schedule. I love the UQs i just really dislike not being able to play when i want.

I kinda prefer this over JP. If anything, this taught me that global players actually don't want to play this game. I wonder if it's a good choice to play NGS on global. I suppose I'll decide once divide hits, because i can't see people being very happy about suddenly having to play the game.

Good to see the forum is still as whiny as ever. Definitely never a boring day here.

Once divide comes we'll be just fine. I have actually been having fun lately, and I'm intending on grinding more than before. There are other things to get besides Ultimate Boosters. There is also plenty of content by now that you can vary it.

The game has been boring for me lately but that’s what happens with any MMO, the fresh new content gets old and people either idle in town or play another game. People will come back when there’s new stuff to do.

I literally just spent my entire day off digging up my yard in Minecraft rather than play PSO2, sometimes you just need different scenery.

Personally to me this is more of a subconscious thing with NGS getting closer and closer. By the time Cras is out am I going to care to grind for those on the couple of classes I play and affix them when a month or so NGS is out by that time? My level of caring to play this game for gear is already beyond minimal.

(And yes while we can carry over equipment to NGS I think it would be foolish to expect them to be anything but a small headstart to whatever new stuff will be in it in comparison.)

You can literally do UH PD solo and get 1 booster or run mining base VRs with people for ultimate boosters. Stop trying to take out what little grind this game has. If everything is given to you, then there is no point in playing.

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You can literally do UH PD solo and get 1 booster or run mining base VRs with people for ultimate boosters. Stop trying to take out what little grind this game has. If everything is given to you, then there is no point in playing.

Most grinds are already hilariously simplified on Global. I get it's for the sake of catching up but it's stupid and makes most things way too eady. The Ultimate Booster grind is a problem because it's the opposite. It's artificially made longer by the absence of the exchange shop at a point where it should have been in game for a while.

I don't think this game lacks content however there are some valid criticisms here rooted in the fact that SEGA choose to constantly power creep the game while some content (e.g. TAs) was left abandoned. That in combination with the fact that many gear options have been dulled down when compared to previous entries of the series lead to a situation where only a relatively small portion of the game is actually relevant to your end game progression. The original PSO did not have this issue, at least not nearly to the same extent which is why it's so sad to see that they apparently learned nothing from it.

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Also, welcome to normal content schedule.

Yeah this kind of thing is why I've been wondering how many Global players will react to being caught up and not getting something slightly new every couple of weeks or an episode drop every couple of months.

To be fair that's not quite what's happened with Global thanks to a few differences:

  1. JP never waited for crafting, casino SG, ring skills on units and so on because they didn't know they were getting them until they got them. We have the unusual disadvantage of knowing what to expect thanks to starting behind JP as part of an update progression system designed to imitate most JP updates.

  2. Because we've been rushing through content, much of what we wait for is only useful for a similarly limited time. Even with campaigns to accelerate equipment progression, it hasn't always felt like those are useful since a few weeks at most after completing them we've been looking at the next tier of progression and with the New Genesis reset getting ever closer that may feel increasingly pointless. (Obviously that's not the campaigns' fault and without them it'd be even less worthwhile to undertake the effort.)

  3. Alongside 2, those efforts to help our equipment progression have often comically obsoleted each other. This is probably best displayed in just over two months of promoted campaigns and collection folders to give us all the necessary materials to upgrade Ivlida, Supernatural, Jutus, Val weapons and so on with the stated goal being Atlas EX... only for the day the final exchange got added to also straight up give us an Atlas EX with a campaign anyway.

I'm not too sure where I'm going with this anymore. I guess what I'm saying is, once we either catch up in PSO2 or get New Genesis (whichever comes first) it won't be as simple as saying "everything's slower, so we don't have anything that's worth doing".

We aren't missing the Photon Booster ➡ Ultimate Booster exchange because it's impossible to live without - heck knows JP did for months before they got it, later in Episode 6 than I understand we are right now. We're missing it because we know the limits of its benefit (the end of Episode 6 and almost certainly PSO2 content unless New Genesis proves wildly unpopular) and probably want to make more of the facility prior to that point.

On the other hand...

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At the moment, its obvious to see a big decline in players and this was to be expected

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We need the booster shop now

We needed crafting because most players are quitting, but after getting that everything will be fine forever.

We needed Casino SG because most players are quitting, but after getting that everything will be fine forever.

We needed ring slots in 12★+ units because most players are quitting, but after getting that everything will be fine forever.

By now we're definitely looking at a recurring theme of That One Addition™ that mysteriously is always the thing someone wants next, and strangely enough even after getting all of the previous ones most players have allegedly still been quitting despite the obvious point that several months of accumulated "most players quitting" has only been reflected in the known metrics by a stable concurrent player count.

So I guess the point I'm making here is, while it'd be nice to get more time to enjoy the benefits of the Ultimate Booster exchange, speaking of it as the single cause of some non-existent player exodus unlike any which has ever been seen before or will be again (just like all the other ones) might be straying a little too far into hyperbole territory.

Maybe more of the players on top of content already moderated their play amount. Maybe many players just aren't on top of the content given its acceleration. Maybe people don't care that much in general.

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Honestly this week would have been a great opportunity to bring in the ARKS Ship Fire Swirl UQ to catch up that all the content promise. the UH version is supposed to be released on the JP version fairly soon

Wait what?

GM Team!! There's a suggestion about this!!

Maybe it would help some players to stop thinking about how you need to be rewarded for playing the game. If you don't find the game fun unless there's some gear to grind maybe you aren't enjoying the game either way.

I spent an hour just running through VH forest for fun despite knowing i wouldn't get any of the carrot.

I got my Atlas EX rifle and I am happy to grind at my own pace (Which is super slow) but I can tell you now the reason the game feels like it has no content to people is a major side effect of the acceleration. They must learn that there is always something to do in PSO2 (trust me the pain in JP of the wait gap between Episode 3 and 4 was super long) We are very lucky to get new content every 2 weeks and I like Global giving out the triggers in the shop since it allows me to grind in my own time and I can test my strength whenever I want on these memorable UQs that we had once in rotation or even ones that never made rotation.

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I got my Atlas EX rifle and I am happy to grind at my own pace (Which is super slow)

Oh good I’m not the only one! Still rocking my Atlas EX, don’t want to spend my limited freetime grinding for a weapon non-stop because I get burnout easily. I usually log in for an UQs or to do my keys.