Sega, you are starving your playerbase.

At the moment, its obvious to see a big decline in players and this was to be expected once they realized that EP6 really doesn't change the game as radically as they was told to believe, people got essentially nearly free liberate gear without nearly as much effort same with some units too, the problem is though for alot of the playerbase we are being literally starved in one vital element of the game and that is the Ultimate Boosters.

Currently, it there is relativity speaking limited reasons to do UQs. The drop rate on the desirable drops is obnoxiously low, chances for ultimate boosters is atrocious as well, we need the booster shop asap to at least continue the gear threadmill moving forward as it makes it just more tolerable for upgrading gear, without it - its literally making people quit or go on haitus because they are being literally forced into repeating the same content thats literally all you can do, day in and day out and ask yourself, how many are going to get bored and move on? I think the big dip in playerbase has already answered that question.

Many veterans that are already at the point of min/maxing stats are literally going on haitus because we have little reason to play now, I'm personally just logging in to do dailies and thats about it because I know, UQs are not going to drop what I want or need and are serving as a complete waste of my time. Case and Point, the last two EQs I did was UH PD and Luther earlier, both didn't drop a single rare let alone any useful resources, so I'm personally at the point where I have to force myself to log in.

Bring back some of the more interesting things like Piper of Disharmony for instance, give players actual incentives to log in and do content that is going to reward them, give players a sense of progression again because once players feel like they've stopped progressing at all, thats when people move on. Whispers recommended quest is fine, but once again..thats the only one that is even remotely worth doing as the others are just useless fluff with no real reason to do them.

Global server is still missing a significant amount of content that the JP server has, that alone is a big problem as some of that is really important and Sega has not addressed that for global at all yet, rolling out piecemeal content now after rushing though the episodes is going to backfire as people got geared far faster than normal and now, hitting a hard brickwall due to lack of options unless you do hard grind without any guarantees of even essential resource drops, as people start going on haitus it becomes harder and harder to do the content you need to do , and this is what starts the next wave of alliances dying from lack of activity as people jump to more active alliances that do triggers, its all a downward spiral unless you do something to about it.

We did get this game like 8 years worth in like 9 months. We are going to have a lull of some kind. That's sadly just not avoidable. I don't agree the recommended quest are bad, as you got 3 that rotate, which are fairly nice to do.

But like other games do, it's fine to take a break. The game will still be around, if you don't you can always find the time to hang around with friends, or whatever you might wanna do.

They are currently rushing to catch up with JP and this is one of the side effects of that I would say that it is time to take a break and let more content come out so that you have more to do later. The game will still be there (Maybe with New Genesis) but while I can agree that getting ultimate boosters is not fun atm or not getting what you want they would make it less fun if you did get what you wanted all the time since there would be no incentive to log in and play which leads to complaints to add more content.

This is a problem with most online games/MMOs, the last MMO i played was doing the same thing, FFXIV where once you "capped" on progression, there was little reason to log in outside dailies and raids (and once those were finished, you logged off until those reset)

It's not something they can easily fix, people get bored, content can only last so long, and due to how this game works. there really isn't much incentive to log in outside dailies, that is why they have these big rewards campaigns for just logging and doing UQs, because they likely know people won't stay long. I am also seeing the effects again as half my alliance stopped logging in since they got what they wanted or nothing was dropping so they lost interest.

JP version didn't escape this btw. they also went through drought periods when Limited quests were down so no one logged in outside of worthwhile EQs.

Since NGS is right around the corner, most of the focus is probably on that. so don't expect any major new content for PSO2. and since your gear won't matter by then, lots of people have realized this and also stopped.

In short, there is nothing they CAN do about it, take a break and play other games.

I do UQs to make meseta and collect fashion. That's primary the reason I play faithfully.

We're somewhat close to S1-S5 weapons and I don't really feel the urge to make a Rivalate. I probably should've skipped farming for 13* Lightstream units and stuck to the free 12* Ofze or the Schvelle though I haven't affixed yet.

it's two weeks bro play another game lol

You do realise that the Whispers recommended IS Piper, right?

Also, welcome to normal content schedule. That's how it'd be if global wasn't rushing to catch up, that's how it'll be once it catches up, that's probably how NGS will be.

We need the booster shop now, that would fix some of the immediate problems and give players some more incentive one again , also it would rekindle people's interest in doing AQs once again, if this is all they added.

Also AwkwardSatori, I'm talking more about the limited campaign they ran a while back, more likely has a significantly lower drop rate outside the limited quest that makes feel less rewarding, I've never really got anything good from running Disturbing Whistle of Chaos and thats not without trying either 😉

Fair. Funnily enough, I farmed my stuff for Stil after the campaign cause I was too lazy when it was going on. Pain and regrets. And UB shop is a given, honestly eonder why they're so reluctant to add it.

Before the additions of solo PD and VR MB, I would of agreed with you farming ult boosters was painful could do a run multiple times and not see a single one. Now you can rack them up very quickly Solo PD is a guaranteed with S rank, and VR can get multiples every run even with a lower ranking, and with the cheese strategy going round, makes it easy even for the most under geared group to get easy S ranks. It’s more of a case people just arnt willing to put in the effort to grind them. Since these runs came out I’ve been farming them first for boosters and then skydance. I’ve gone from having about 20 ult boosters to 2 Rivelate weapons and 114 ult boosters.



Part of the issue is we have been massively spoiled due to the accelerated content schedule everyone from cf, to the uwb and rwb shops, and the very generous campaigns have made getting really decent gear with minimal effort. It’s only now we are even approaching the grind jp had to go through for their high end weapons. The grind is likely only going to get worse as we catch up to jp and approach the endgame weapons and units.

Honestly this week would have been a great opportunity to bring in the ARKS Ship Fire Swirl UQ to catch up that all the content promise. the UH version is supposed to be released on the JP version fairly soon and giving Global it first would have been a great gesture.

Aside from the lack of the UB exchange not being in yet I don't really agree with the post. I don't feel starved for content and I only play three characters.

Then again I play the game super casually and give no cares about min maxing. So maybe I'm the odd one out.

@AwkwardSatori said in Sega, you are starving your playerbase.:

And UB shop is a given, honestly eonder why they're so reluctant to add it.

Because it came way later in Ep6. People have spread way too much fake news about it being a thing in late EP5/early EP6.

Also, the Ult Booster grind isn't even that hard. Go do UH PD... or better yet, spam VR triggers as it has the best hourly rate of Ult Boosters and the highest chance for the very important S8:Skydance Support.

Play a different game; clearly, you're bored of pso2: the devs are busy working on NGS. Also, stop including a collective of people in your argument, that doesn't add factual evidence. Every game has a life-cycle; it's also similar to SDLC in dev followed by the inevitable business life cycle. I'm not defending players or Sega; this is a known thing to happen if you observe or read about it.

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