Error NP1013

I was playing normally since ever and I started getting this "Error NP103" error every 5 mins and have no clue why. I've heard that some people trigger it due to an antivirus or another 3rd party program which i'm not using. The only new thing I did was to update nvidia drivers, anyone have any clue what is going on?

Ok I solved it in case anyone else is having the same issue, apparently the [HD Audio Driver] or the [USBC Driver] was triggering the error. (But I believe it's an issue that appeared since the last update from Nvidia on 08/Jan/2021)


If it is any of those two drivers, it is most likely the USBC Driver, which is apparently a USB port extender or something. You normally shouldn't need it. I heard it comes on stuff like the 20xx series NVIDIA cards. I'm not sure, though, since I just use a GTX 750 Ti.

@Ragnawind Oh the Error popped up again and honestly I'm kinda tired of it.

I'm personally about to throw away the game and the 3 month subs I've got since I'm not in the mood to be dealing with this stuff, lol.

Maybe it's just my perfect excuse to quit pso2 and complete some of the other games on steam I've never even started yet.

But, good luck guys, I hope no one gets this error and have no clue what the cause it like I do.

I seemed to have solved the issue by disabling the onboard graphics (NOT AUTO) completely disabled, and any auto over clocking stuff. The game has been running great with no issues for about 2/3 weeks now at about 2 solid hours a session. Oh those settings are in the BIOS if none of you know. Good luck.

@Nidhogg Still working? Having the same problem...