Soft locking in Shopping Area

This started tonight, but I go to turn in Party Maneuvers to Io, but when I get close to her, the screen goes black and I can't do anything. There's all the normal sound, and the chat box is still there, but I have zero control and have to restart. I'm on Xbox, Ship 2 if it helps.

@ProphetOfHelix Ok, nevermind, apparently there was a cutscene from Ep. 4 that just didn't want to play. Mods, feel free to delete this babby thread.

There's a bunch of hidden cut-scenes if you talk to Echo (through the Talk option) at any point after Episode 4's content. Most of them have triggers that require you to just move near a specific character. For instance, coming out of the bridge will trigger the klariskrays scene for that series of cut-scenes.

They're the only Sub quest scenes not listed in the story quest dialogue (to trigger.)