Critical Hit Rate Calculation

I've been trying to figure out the critical hit rate calculations for the Lightweaver weapons when we finally get them on global. However, I don't know which critical hit rates stack and which ones don't. So let's say that I had the following setup for my Level 95 Hero character:

**S1: Skillful Adept

S2: Skillful Adept

S3: Skillful Adept

S4: Lifesteal Strike

S5: Skillful Adept Will

The "Critical Strike: Melee" Skill Ring at Level 20

5/5 on "Precision Attack: Critical" from my skill tree**

So with this setup, what would my critical hit rate end up at with and without "Precision Attack: Critical"?

84% without, 100% with (technically 134%).

So it all just adds together instead of multiplies together?

Yeah, Critical Rates just add up, and are not multiplicative.

Also, the Hero Skill "Precision Attack: Critical" gives a 150% Crit Rate, but only when you hit a Weak Point, so any additional Crit Rate increases have no real effect on it.

But they ALL work when attacking a weak point, right?

Yes. Critical rate increases are effective on everything UNLESS specified otherwise.

Ok. Now I think I know what I'm gonna do. Thank you both.