Phantom Mag bugged on NA

After looking into it with the help of some friends, I'm convinced that the Phantom Mag skill is not converting DEX into the other stats properly, only giving half of the conversion that it is supposed to. If you equip a 200 DEX mag it should theoretically give the same as a 200 RNG mag, but this is not the case only giving around half of the amount it is supposed to. This leads me to believe that the skill itself is bugged, only giving half DEX conversion into the other stats as opposed to the full 100% that the skill suggests. I don't know if it's just something that was left unchanged on the skill tree or if it's supposed to give the full 100% but I think one of the two should be changed regardless.

Seems to be working fine for me.

Phantom w/ no Mag:


Phantom w/ lv200 DEX Mag:


I doubt it's cause I'm on ship 2 but my friends have different ranged stats when equipping 2 different mags. We found this out when one of them was trying to equip a Trailblazer Rifle and was missing the RNG stat for it when the other person was the same phantom level and is and had 100 RNG power over the other person. And I know it's not class boosts or anything because the 2nd person only had 1 other class that gave RNG power boost over the other person.

Easiest way to make sure is to do what I did: unequip all gear (Weapons, Units, Rings), and then check the stats with and without the Mags; this should show whether the discrepancy is the Mag, or if it is some other factor that may not have been considered.

Just checked my own stats and they seem like they're working correctly so either it's an issue on my friend's end or a 200 RNG mag gives more RNG power than a 200 DEX mag on phantom for some reason. I'll have to talk to them later to confirm this.

Well this doesn't appear to be an issue with the skill but rather another issue that I still can't explain which is where the extra rng power comes from in that situation

What race is your friend playing? Cause races have slightly different stats. Like on my CAST i have about 40 more melee and ranged power compared to tech. Phantom is only level 40 though. At higher levels the difference is probably a little higher.

Huh. I checked through all four mags to compare, and the 3 others give the same attack boost to a single stat as the DEX mag gives to all of them at once. So it works for me at least.

@Yggranya At lv95 Phantom, the difference between the highest and lowest RNG-Pwr based on gender/race is only ~21 RNG-Pwr; with no class bonuses or mags equipped, F CASTs and F Deumans have ~737 RNG-Pwr, while M and F Newmans have ~716 RNG-Pwr.

@Zytherath did mention that their friend was missing one of the class title bonuses that gives RNG-Pwr (Gunner: 50; Ranger: 20; Braver: 20; Hunter: 15; Force: 15), so lacking that title and the race difference might account for the difference between the two players being unable to equip the same weapon at the same level, particularly if they are missing the Gunner title.

@AndrlCh On my male CAST on both etoile and hero (both at 80), i have about 50 less on tech compared to melee and ranged. Maybe they will get even on higher levels but since the OP said their friend had 100 less RNG, if they have some race with lower RNG than others and are missing gunner, that could be about 100.

Although now that i checked, no othe race has as low stat as CAST tech. CAST have 96% on tech and every race gets bonus points in RNG, lowest on newman at 102%. Since i have all stat boost titles and since they increase all attack stats by 120, i have no idea what it could be unless they are missing all relevant titles except one. Even if the OPs other friend was female deuman or female CAST, which are at 105%(highest), the difference is only 3% if their other friend is playing a newman. I guess they need to figure it out between themselves.