Accessories only visible in salon

Twice in the past few weeks I've had a strange situation with my accessories not showing on my character anywhere but in the salon. First time I noticed this was with my red Christmas boots and just a few days ago it happened again with a cool winter hood that I got from the mission pass.

I put them on in the salon, but when I leave, they don't appear on my character. When I go back into the salon, my character is wearing it again! I thought maybe it was because I'd adjusted the size of the accessory on the boots, but no changes would make it appear. For the hood, I just left it at default size. Other accessories show up fine on my character and I've never had this issue in the past.

Anyone else have this happen or have any tips to make my accessories visible on my character?

You may have your alliance accessory set to on.

Oh, I do. Does that block other accessories? Most of them still show up.

It replaces accessory slot 4(?)

That was definitely it. Thank you very much @Vashzaron .