Friends, join me if you'd like to grind levels, rares, or meseta. [Ship 2]

I'd like a few new friends to grind with. Either for experience, meseta, or loot. I'm willing to put in some time if you are. I'm pretty relaxed, so feel free to hit me up in-game. ID is Ranmaru. Timezone is Utc - 4, EST.

Hunter: 95 Fighter: 95 Ranger: 75 Gunner: 75 Force: 47 Techter: 50 Braver: 75 Bouncer: 75 Summoner: 46 Hero: 43 Phantom: 43 Etoile: 78


  1. Grind materials for Rivalete Weapons
  2. Grind levels for all classes and eventually alternate characters.
  3. Grind meseta through client orders or other means. (Fina, Yerkes, Arks Missions)

I hope you get a lot of people! Wrong ship and time for me, sounds like fun. 😞

@Milk Do you not have many people to play with? You are on ship 3 if I remember correctly right?

@Ranmaru I hope you get some cool folks to join you. Games more fun when everyone is working as a team, and you aren't stuck playing with the I got mine types.


Currently ship 4 with an alt on 3, planning to transfer. The people I play with irl can’t play often, we’re old &boring. 😞 One has a young child so you know how that goes. It becomes more like movie night than gaming night now. Heck half the time I’m even on the forums I’m just on my phone during work breaks, I miss playing.

I appreciate it guys. If you guys ever end up on ship 2, you are always welcome to hit me up to play, or simply hang out.

I still need to put a character on ships 2, 3, and 4. Once I get one settled on 2 I'll be sure to seek you out. ^^

I'm always down to play although I've been taking it a little slow but I do needed someone to kick me into actually doing content outside of Urgents lol.

I added you but honestly I still gotta find some motivation to play pso2 outside of alliance stuff and UQs lol

Possibly interested. Thinking of dropping my Alliance. Buncha fashion lobby players. I don't turn on PSO so I can sit in a lobby all day, afk or not.

Thanks y'all, if you have added me in game, feel free to message me for any run, and I'll let you know if I have the time to do so.