I Dont Even Understand

So, I just finished downloading the game and went to create my character. I used to play on the JP version, and wanted to recreate my first character over there. So, I get everything set up just fine. Except I can NOT finish my character and start playing as it says "Your characters undressed height is too low. Please make it 150cm or higher." Thought this was really weird since the SHORTEST setting is 154 CM for the undressed height. So, I tried to change the height slider to a higher setting. Nope. Still too short. I went all the way to the tallest setting, and was still too short at an undressed height of 200 cm. I closed the game entirely and restarted it. Same problem. Restarted my console completely. Still too short.

Anyone else having this issue?

There's restrictions on short characters.

@AnamanaAU said in I Dont Even Understand:

There's restrictions on short characters.

They even put the height up to where it was 200 and it still gave the same error.

Oops, I stand corrected. Yeah, that's very weird.

Just sent a support request as a Bug Report. Mainly made this to see if anyone else was experiencing this issue, and even took pictures of the fact that, at the shortest option you can go, your character is 154 CM tall with no clothes on. The pop up says I need to be taller than 150 CM. So

So, I got bored with waiting for support to get back to me, especially since I imagine theyre busy with more pressing issues. Restarted the game and decided to try and create a character again. Made him the race I wanted, skipped to giving him a name, and hit the confirm button. Worked with no issue.

So if anyone ever runs into the problem of the game says your character is too short, just restart it, select your race and skip to character name, changing nothing about the base character. Then just go to the Salon afterwards.

@MightyJoeJoe740 I stand corrected. Finally got the time to get through the first two missions and get on the ship. Go straight to the Salon to make my character how he is meant to be. I can not change his height at all or I immediately get the "Your character is too short" message when i try to confirm the changes.