Any idea when trading will be available again?

I renewed my premium status on December 27, at which time I realized the trading function was down.

I consider myself fairly patient. But here it is, January 6, and I'm still unable to trade with others who have premium. When I try, I receive the following:

"There is currently a problem with the selected function. Use is restricted for investigation. Please check the player's site for details."

The servers just came out of maintenance earlier today, along with a patch.

1/3 the duration of my premium subscription being active, and I'm still unable to trade.

I don't really want the free triboost for the inconvenience, I'd simply like to know what's going on and when the trade function will be back? The game is over eight years old now, I find it a little difficult to believe it's still riddled with this many issues... it seems to be a constant thing, honestly.

Thanks for any info.

1/8 and it is STILL down, how much damage could've been done, seriously?! This is over the top ridiculous.

@XxNaHtExX it's been down pretty much all of episode 6

Hoping that tomorrow we'll get trading back, otherwise there's going to be a lot more people annoyed at how long this is lasting.

@ZarexWolf it's kinda messed up how divided the community is on the matter. People are legit getting mad that others want proper compensation for a paid feature that has been down for a full month. Some people only have premium for trading since everything else can be done thru other means in game and I hate the photon capsule argument because that doesn't negate the fact trading is down. We shouldn't need a work around for an entire month of a premium feaufue and we definitely shouldn't be scorned for wanting proper compensation

@timmylaw Yeah, the photon capsule is a pain in the neck and I think this has been the longest trading has been down? There was a good gap in how long I've been playing, but this is still bad. Hopefully once maintenance starts, if it is starting for tomorrow, that we'll finally get it back. (Please.)

I really hope we'll see some kind of compensation for its absence-- it's one of the features I used most from Premium (the other being My Room which there's passes I can get from the FUN Scratch to use anyway) and it made it a lot easier with giving items to friends. While sometimes we'd use the shop, I'd usually trade the Meseta back after which obviously isn't possible now.

I've had to resort to buying up gift boxes with FUN Points to place in friends' rooms which I'd be less frustrated with if it wasn't one item per box. I've spent well over 30,000 Fun Points at this point and just end up using most of my EX-Cubes for more now.

I get that it's my choice to work around the issue that way, but it's still a huge problem and I'm shocked it wasn't brought back this maintenance.