Idola Phantasy Star Saga Event Idea

So, I was thinking and with the current campaign, maybe in the future we can have either just a scratch that has certain characters from it included or an event quest line as well which can give us rewards based on our choices. Say, one of the choices gives us a Chaos Logia part set or we can have both ideas. Anyways, the outfits I'd love to have would be Logia's for CASTs (since I don't think Meldor's would work,) Popona, Uly, Nana, Rosalinde the Idorappy suit and one based off of Lycaon, and maybe the weapon camos of Uly, Stella, and Rosalinde?

Funny you mention that, there are a couple AC Scratches JP has had with Idola, Featuring costumes of Uly Neutral(Law)+camo, Uly Neutral(Chaos)+camo, Stella+camo, Jasper(Chaos)+camo, Rosalinde(Law)+camo, Rosalinde(Chaos)+camo, Zola+camo, Popona+camo, Abeille, Windis, & Melissa(Shop keeper), Unfortunately I haven't seen Logia parts yet, but there's always a chance they'll add it. Anyways I hope they find their way to global soon.

Though Popona's camo wasn't AC & it seems Global is already getting it.

Oh? Maybe we'll get them after this campaign or during it?