Hello everyone.

Since the release of Episode 6 i've been experiencing crashes with the Game which i didn't have since the PC Windows Store release, so i've wanted to write my experience here and see if anyone had similar issues and maybe knows about a potential fix for it.

First of, the crashes occur mainly either in busy lobbies or during UQs (crash freezes the game, which requires me to manually close it by either closing the process in Task Manager or terminating it using the Windows prompt). There are no Crash reports. They're not limited to those scenarios though, i can crash literally anywhere if the game feels like it and during concerts if i'm not in the Game Window (alt-tabbed), my whole PC locks up with my screens going off but me still being able to hear outside programs sound, being able to communicate via discord/TS3, but otherwise i'm locked out of doing anything else, requiring me to do a hard reset.

Here are some of my Systems Specs with methods i've tried already to fix my issues :

  • CPU - Intel Core i7 7700K (base clocks, Watercooled)
  • GPU - GTX 1080 Ti (Base OC clocks by manufacturer)
  • RAM - 4x 8GB G.Skill 2400 CL15-15-15-35
  • M.2 - 970 Evo 500GB (Main Partition)
  • SSD - 860 Evo 1GB

My methods so far which i've tested to get the Game running were :

  • Installed Game on a freshly formatted system on both my M.2 SSD and regular SSD trying both just the Steam version or the Tweaker using the Steam version.
  • Tried various FPS limiting Setups (usually worked on unlimited before)
  • Ran game on Windowed Mode, Borderless Windowed Mode and forced Fullscreen using Nvidia Experience
  • Monitored my RAM, CPU and GPU use to determine if big changes would occur or leaks are happening
  • Turned off Windows Defender and also gave exceptions to GG and PSO2

Drivers and Windows have always been up to date and i generally don't have other Software running in the Background except for Discord/Teamspeak, Steam and Telegram.

At this Point i'm not sure where to do corrections anymore, as this came out of nowhere, but is a huge frustration if crashes can occur so randomly, so i've decided to put the Game down for now after 1600 Hours until either i or a patch can fix my issue.

I'll gladly try out any methods to fix this manually, if someone has an idea, it's very welcome.

Thanks in advance.