Expert matchmaking,when?

100% guarantee people will get flame in a pug mpa if we have a parser. Imagine having decent affix gear and parse meter shows you not doing optimal damage and people flame you "omg good gear but $hit dmg. Git gud!"

It's just gonna open another outlet for flamers to use as a weapon to flame others. Not everyone will be able to play at a high level unfortunately.

@Albedo said in Expert matchmaking,when?:

100% guarantee people will get flame in a pug mpa if we have a parser. Imagine having decent affix gear and parse meter shows you not doing optimal damage and people flame you "omg good gear but $hit dmg. Git gud!"

How are they going to know what the DPS of the other players is when the meter is only showing them their own / extremely generalized numbers?

If it's a personal dps meter then I won't see it to be a big issue other than people flexing their total damage on forums and such. I was referring to whole MPA or Party damage parser.

I agree with having a dps meter for self improvement.

Even without parser, people will find other ways to call out other players such as their gear or number of times they died.

Perhaps something like the mining base defense ranking at the end but instead it shows the top 3 player's DPS and your own rank but hides everyone else so you can compare yourself to other people to see if you are actually pulling your weight or not. Because a common thing I been seeing on forums is that people think they are doing good because they didn't die.

Top 20% player he--

Huh? I didn't even know Mother had a solo UQ. And it's with Deus!?

@HarmlessSyan You forgot the mana collector in the top 3 rank.

@Neosiotype It's only accessible with a trigger, it can be bought in the rising weapon badges 5 shop, Mother Omnipotent Trigger.

Aw man mining base makes me feel bad if I’m not top three, it’s a good idea though to compare yourself to the best without being outed. I’d be fine with something like that for DPS.

IIRC Mining Base doesn't even have a good ranking system. It just counts points, first hits, and last hits. Seems to still check out for VR when I can get more points shooting at spawns than at CC'd mobs.

Ming base actually has a scoring system outside of top 3 rankings. Barely passable though. Some of those titles you can see at the end are a decent performance indicator. For exemple if you have King of destruction or one of the other two top damage titles (Destroyer & Crusher I think?) or a Hero title, it's generally a safe indicator you did good even if you're not in the top 3.

Last 5 TDVR i joined had people constantly bitching at each other for reasons that didn't even exist and people were rage quitting when i felt like sabotaging their cheese strats because i kinda wanted to play the game.

A while ago i understood when people said parsers are just gonna make people toxic but i realized global players just can't be quiet and play the game period.

I'm a filthy jp vet but if there's one thing i preferred over there it's that nobody ever talked. Regardless of MPA performance people just played the game.

I'm glad divide is coming out soon and i get to just grind for gear by myself. It's a joke how people get upset in a space waifu dress-up simulator, especially when they argue about something both sides are wrong about.

Even though I did make some suggestions, or at least I think the idea should be that Expert Matching should somehow test both your abilities as a teamplayer, and just make sure you reach a certain amount of damage within a certain time, rather than placing you in solo missions that require skills that exceed those actually needed to do the content you would be queing for, I don't really actually want Expert Matchmaking to exist, maybe some better matchmaking system but I just don't think the general idea of Expert Matchmaking is really very good.

I think Expert Matchmaking in it's current form, would just give credence to some toxic elitists that exist in this game, by giving them another thing they can brag about and judge other players because of. They will feel like they were right to judge people because their gear does a tiny bit less damage than they want, because of this and continue to mistreat them. I only encountered this once myself so far, but I've heard other people mention it happen often to them and I feel like it would become more common if this was added.

I feel like as long as a boss only UQ is finished within 30 minutes, that there's really no reason to complain about anyone's performance (usually they're done in 25 at minutes at the absolute max anyway, and of course I'd prefer if they finished it faster but it's no big deal to me if it's not), as long as they were actually doing something, and fulfilling their role if they have one. As long as they're actually contributing to the battle and not literally just doing nothing, or eating through everyone's moon atomizers then you really shouldn't be too bothered about them, and stop watching everyone's DPS constantly like a hawk.

I get that they should be doing a certain DPS, but I feel like for some people the minimum DPS they think everyone should be doing is higher than what is actually necessary to clear content (and some classes do damage differently anyway, some do a lot of hits with lower damage in a short time, some do a moderate amount of damage at all times, and others do a lot of damage at certain intervals of time). So looking at people's DPS doesn't always work either as you have to understand which class you're looking at too before you judge the damage.

I feel like some people just forget that in an mmorpg, you're supposed to work as a team, not judge anyone that doesn't fit your exact perfect dps.

@Riesz You can literally facetank through the requirements. Get Croesis weapons from CF, spend a few mil to get passable SGAs on them, buy 12* Ofze set (or Novel if you're Ph sub I guess), and you're set on the stat side. Use the internet to look up what PAs your class should use in various situations, as well as the mechanics of the boss you're targeting. Then just run it until you turn your knowledge into experience. The only part that's even remotely difficult is the last bit, but that's just checking if you're willing to put in the time to get your reward. The entire process is for weeding out people who expect everyone else to carry them through content. If anything, your argument about being a team player applies more to people willing to go for Expert. They've shown the willingness to pull their weight in a team through some combination of gear farming, technical skills, and research.

@AiC-L Well that's much more relevant to my previous posts in this thread than this one. But what if the person can deal the dps people want, and survive everything with a team, but die when soloing stuff? I'm not going to repeat all the other things I said already, but the point is, that the skills required to solo something are not equivalent to the skills required to do things with a group of people.