Expert matchmaking,when?

@ZeeHero9271 There's no forced cutscenes in the extreme quest version.

The quests that are required for the current JP expert matching are already out in the EN version btw, the current level cap and the freebies equipment that we've been getting are more than enough to clear the requirements.

The JP requirements for expert are the extreme quest "Elite Training: Madness & Phantasms" in less than 15 minutes and the trigger "Mother Omnipotent Trigger" in XH in less than 18 minutes (purchasable with 8 Rising Weapon Badges 5).

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I recommend Rifle Phantom since you can just spam basic attacks till he immunes himself then finish him up with PAs and mark explosions. But yeah I agree Etoile Double Saber is a better fit overall.

For some reason I just don’t like it, I don’t mind Rifle on Ranger but it feels bad on Phantom for me. I’ve been messing around with Double Saber, idiot me couldn’t tell if I was blocking or not because I expected to see a big shield or something but now I get how to counter! So far so good 😁

Good to see this is still going.

I was sort of suprised space maggy taking so long that I'd probably end up being faster soloing it, but my divide experience had been rather positive.

People get bodied, but it's fun helping randos out and the quest gives a clear failure state and has random players apologize a lot which is a nice change of pace.

And a botched run is worth seeing some confused newfrens getting juggled by fatman.

After observing it for a longer period now, i think NA pug quality is a lot lower, but I'm also having a lot more fun.

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Several posts

The expert mode requirements were updated because the previous ones were way too easy, considering that they were severely outdated and also allowed you to bring an expert mode player to do the job for you, if you somehow still managed to fail.

It basically was completely useless as a test of skill or to separate the good players from the bad.

But then again, here´s the problem, that the majority of you are not as good as you believe yourselves to be, yet you also do not want to be left behind by the players who are, so you determine that Expert Mode is bad for the community and fight against it.

Get over yourselves, Expert mode is not for you or about you, it´s about the top tier players being able to play between themselves and socialize and play together, and try to do high performance runs without having to exclusively play with their guilds.

I know it is shocking to understand and accept but not everything in the games you play is made with you in mind or it has to include you.

And the top tier players are not your boosters/caretakers/smoothrunners, and have every right to play between themselves and not with you.

And if your problem is that you play on one of the borderline dead servers and fear that this will make it hard on the rest of players to queue up, well, that is your own fault, is it not?

Us veteran PS players warned beyond any reasonable limit, when a big part of our community refused to play in Ship 1/2 and literally DEMANDED new servers for a "Fresh start" (on a 10 yy old mmo with a 1 year for 5 expansions schedule), that this was a very poor idea and that before the year was done, the servers would suffer these issues, because we knew the community size was not big enough to indefinitely support so many ships.

You had your cake and ate it too. Now suffer your stomach ache without bringing everyone else down with you.

Or ask for a server merge, if your server is truly too small.

I still have no idea who you are advocating for, I have never even seen someone so deadset on something so irrelevant.

Also that's a high horse if I've ever seen one fellow JP Vet(tm), where's you eternal loner title, 4min PD and 99 percentile parses? Oh wait wrong game.

Aren't you a bit tired of it? Now that divide is out, you can just grind it easily solo, and its just as fast as a group. Later theres only TPD and Sodam and you'll survive even with slightly longer tpd runs.

@IfrianMMO And you have given us a great example of the only kind of players who would truly advocate for the system as it currently exists on JP, and the same kind of players who, if they all suddenly vanished from gaming forever, would vastly improve the fun for everyone else.

Guess what? YOU are not nearly as good as YOU Believe yourself to be. Just as many others are not.

You have no special status compared to those people you refer to. I am trying VERY hard from telling you exactly what I think of the kind of player you represent, becuase it is in no way pretty. please. Grow. Up.

You guys have a huge misconception of expert matchmaking

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Good to see this is still going.

I'd question how good this really is as this tread has generally been nothing but a chespool of terrible arguments and baseless assumptions.

I would love server merging, it’s too hard to find a full group as is on my ship. 😞

Thank You Almighty JP Vet

Thank You Almighty JP Vet

Thank you, almighty JP vet.Untitled.png

Thank You Almighty JP Vet

It is kind of hilarious, and very telling, how several of the posters that in the past have defended #AllTheContent and blamed Sega/Microsoft for censoring the game, accusing them from breaking their #AllTheContent promise, are perfectly fine with having entire game features removed from our version, when said features do not benefit them.

It is also sad that a mocking meme is probably the most solid argument you have brought forward so far.

I mean, between:

-I cannot beat Phanatical Phantoms, so the feature should not exist

-I chose to play on a small server against all warnings and now it´s low populated, the feature should not exist.

-I do not want less skilled players to be left with the leeches, so everyone should be left with the leeches.

-I do not really know Phanatical Phantoms well but i heard Phaleg is in it, so screw Expert Mode.

-I admit this is never going to happen, but i do not want expert to come in favor of daydreaming over a fantasy solution that i know will never be developed or programmed.


-You are an elitist player and i do not like you or your attitude.

The last one is probably the only one that has an iota of validity.