[gamepad] can't move forward well with any gamepad (PS4, xbox, generic, etc)

hi, my problem is when I try to run forward with any gamepad I got half stuck and sometimes I can't even run with it and only happens with pso2 with other games works normal

I'm from South america, playing in steam(also happen in MStore version of the game) and I had optical fiber

It sounds like a misconfiguration of the controller driver in Windows. I use a 3rd party Rockcandy X360 controller and can move normally. When I used to use my DS4, it worked normally also. The only problem I have is that it sometimes gets switched to Controller Port 2 or higher, instead of staying at Port 1 and I have to sign out of my Window user account, unplug and replug the controller and sign back in to get it back in Port 1, which is the only port PSO2 will use.