Option to turn off chat bubbles PLEASE!


I don't understand why this is still a thing.... Why has this not been patched? Why are you helping them advertise their meseta selling businesses all while annoying the hell out of your player base!? Are you in on it or something SEGA? FIX IT PLEASE!!!!!! It's not hard to add a toggle option for this! It's driving me insane!

It's simple: they can put a little time and a little effort into this, or they can do nothing. Of course they will chooce the latter since it's free. We can only guess why such an option wasn't available from the beginning.

I would rather turn all the chat bubbles off since i have nothing to say, and i don't care that someone is whining about their party not being full again. The developers should turn the triboost on regardless of party size or if you are solo to avoid these mooks. Can't use blocklist to block botters and their automated yelling when i need to save room for these pricks.

@Yggranya said in Option to turn off chat bubbles PLEASE!:

The developers should turn the triboost on regardless of party size

Why should they?

@Ranmaru So people can stop jumping down my throat when i refuse to join their party.

@Yggranya I think you are within your right to refuse. Yet I don't think they would do what you suggest because how it is now encourages people partying up, to be social. If you refuse, that's your decision. When I put down a beacon, I use the PARTY BONUS 40% symbol art, and if not enough people join, so be it. It is what it is.

@Ranmaru Heh, yeah socializing. Telling someone to "drop dead" because you didn't join their party will surely encourage people to friendly banter. I mean if it ends there, then i can chuckle and move on, but sometimes they just whine throughout the entire mission. Ugh...

@Yggranya I don't understand why you wouldn't want to party up. You only benefit from it. If some jackass is spamming auto chats or something I just leave or kick them. lol

@VoreTechz Why i don't join parties doesn't matter since all you need to know is that i never will join any. What matters is that i don't want to deal with other peoples BS. Shouldn't be too much to ask, but since it's obvious that giving a boost of any kind would cause such behaviour, it makes one wonder what the developers were thinking. They could rectify this by simply making it so that solo or with 2-4 party members would get the same boost. I would say that only with 2-4 party members, but then someone who is alone and wants to party will do the same whining. In fact they should just bake the boost in with no string attached or remove it entirely to avoid all this idiocy.

@Yggranya Yes, socializing. Sad to see some toxic user tried to force you into a party, but it doesn't mean Sega should remove the party boost requirement for that alone.

@Ranmaru But what does it add? Wouldn't you use party beacons anyway? Are you afraid no one would join your party if the boost were to be removed? If yes, then that just proves that the boost is the entire reason people pretend to "socialize". yes, pretend as the vitriol people spew to try and shame or guilt me into joining their party is ridiculous.

@Yggranya If the boost was removed, I wouldn't care to party up with randoms. It simply adds an incentive. That's all.

@Ranmaru Yes, yes it does...

Giving an option to hide all speech bubbles just so you can't see bot spam isn't a good solution at all. That'd just be putting a band-aid over the problem as well as all other speech bubbles.

Just report the bot, blacklist them, and move on. That's far more effective than just ignoring the problem until it goes away.

I don’t care if it’s a bot or not, they’re annoying regardless and I would be so happy if I woke up on patch day someday and saw they added the option to turn it off.

I don’t think triboosts should go away but they need to crack down on abusive behavior towards players about it. No one has to join anyone’s party and straight up bullying people about it should give a warning or a short term ban depending on severity. No one deserves to be harassed in our game. When people act like this in ffxiv, a GM is on it to ask you what happened and then they take action. It feels like reporting just does nothing, considering all the AFKers I used to report in Buster were still showing up.

@Yggranya that +40% from party bonus is very misleading. On paper, a +40% triboost on top of +250% RDR and +50% triboost is small enough to be ignored.

However, party bonus is actually multiplicative instead of additive. If you were using +75% exp gained, +250% RDR and a +50% triboost, you can actually get +50% exp, +40% Meseta, and a +120% rare drop rate, by joining a party.

By not joining a party, not only you suffer a big loss, but since you actually take up a space for someone who could've given them that extra 10%, ignoring chat bubbles won't solve the problem.

Plus in urgent quests like Armada, if you are alone, you significantly prolong the matching time, thus ruining speedrun groups who could've done 7 runs without you.

Because you are that 5th person who took up the slot that could've been the other 4 man-group.