Performance difference on Xbox Series X compared to Xbox One X?

I've finally gotten a Series X secured and it'll be here on Friday. Can anyone tell me how big of a difference it makes in PSO2 coming from the One X? I know PSO2 is tied more to the CPU than GPU, so that's obviously going to mean I'll be able to finally walk around Block 1 without FPS loss, right?

I got mine December 24. Before it would take me 5+ minutes to walk to the item identify shop after finishing an UQ on Block 1 when maxed out with people. Now MOST of the time in same scenario I can do it in under a minute. There's still some lag but no where near as crippling. I typically just wait about 10-20 seconds after popping into the lobby from an UQ before moving. Most of the time that's all that I need. Clicking on npc to start a UQ immediately at start along with everyone else will cause about a 5/10 second lag at most. Before it was up to several minutes.

L/S short you will definitely notice a HUGE difference. It's not 100% better but it's definitely tolerable compared to before.

Console is a bad port of the PC ver... there I said it . there's no reason that an 8 year old has frame rate issues. this has nothing to do with specs because a potato pc from 2001 can run it on low settings. that being said sega really needs to investigate this issue for console players .

@CodeBreaker-V1 A potato PC from 2001? Are you over exaggerating, or are you being serious?