EQ timer page ... why isn't there one yet?

i play both in the JA and the NA, and as fan of the game i want to be first inline for the emergency quest but in NA i find there is no page i can easily click to get the EQ times and info. the JA has an awesome page pso2emq.flyergo.eu where you can click and gives you about 6 or so hours of advanced warning for upcoming eqs their times and what they are about, for the NA i first have to go to the main site click the eq then fumble around looking for a list of the times only to be removed when i save the page back to the home page site so i have to go back and fumble around again, so if any one knows of an EASY one click page i can have to see all the EQs and their times for that day please let me know

News > Calendar https://pso2.com/news/calendar

It literally already exists.