Welcome all ARKs! The Geass Order is one of the oldest Alliances in PSO2, established during the Xbox One Open Beta and a former top 20 alliance. We have been in a long hiatus since then, but we are finally back! We are currently looking to bring The Geass Order back to its former glory and increase activity again. We are searching for active members looking to join a friendly all-purpose community. If you are interested in joining, please message me or any of my Officers which you will find listed below (all names listed are Player IDs, not Character Names.)

Alliance Name: The Geass Order

Leader: Veloxus

Officers: Luxian, Steeg Bannings, MegaZX, Cikimi

Ship: 01: Feoh

Block: B-007

Active Playtimes: Most of our members play on an irregular schedule and from different time zones, but you will usually find us on at night and late-night EST/CST. All regions are welcome.

Alliance Purpose: We are an all-purpose alliance. We do questing, socialize, group activities, leveling, grinding, etc.

Requirements: There are no requirements to join. We welcome players of all types, old and new, low level or high level! We just ask that you are respectful and don't do or say anything with the intent of toxicity, hate, or disrespect.

Discord Link