[Ship 2] [EST] Astra is Recruiting new and Veteran Players!

Leader: Aku [Aku#8207]

Officer: Kaori Mate [Talkatoo#4879]

Hours: 12pm-12am EST

Home Block : b29

We are best described a small group of mid-core players who play to enjoy the game and to seek improvement in both mechanical skill and knowledge.

What should you expect from us?

Members of Astra strive for constant improvement in both mechanical skill and game knowledge. Our officers have a wide diversity of knowledge about every aspect of the game (minmaxing, affixing, classes, rotations, etc) and are more than willing to help each other and new players along their own path to glory.

What is expected from you and other members?

Due to the nature of improvement and learning of game mechanics, especially with NGS around the corner, we will have differing viewpoints in discussions for affixing, mechanics, strategy, etc. We do not expect everyone in the alliance to play well or even above average 100% of the time, but we also do expect our members to be able to accept criticism and to not get complacent with noticeably bad play decisions. Our members are willing to devote their free time to helping you improve and encourage all inquiries in your pursuit of glory. We understand that some people do not know any better or develop skill slower than others, but we will do our best to point you in the right direction.

General Rules

  • Do not perpetuate drama. We are not here to make enemies or to go out of our way to out someone or another alliance. In the event you do have a problem with another alliance member or officer, bring it up with another officer or the officer themselves.

  • While we may pride ourselves in our reputation, everyone in the alliance should acknowledge that if you've done something, someone has probably done it better than you. We are not here to inflate any players' ego, and looking down on people who are still learning or willing to learn will not be tolerated.

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