[Ship 2] [EST] Astra is Recruiting new and Veteran Players!

Leader: Aku [Aku#8207]

Officer: Kaori Mate [Talkatoo#4879]

Hours: 12pm-12am EST

Home Block : b29

We are best described a small group of mid-core players who play to enjoy the game and to seek improvement in both mechanical skill and knowledge.

What you should Expect from us:

We are a bunch of players looking for new people to play with. With the release of NGS, we will all be learning an entirely new game. We feel that this is best enjoyed with a group of people that you are comfortable playing with and discover what it has to offer going forward. We have players of varying skill that want to enjoy that content as a group and share banter and stories of our successes.

We have a few members who are familiar with the game and are more than willing to help newcomers to get started or familiarize themselves with PSO2. We also have our own discord community for people to chat, meme and ask general questions to improve their experience of the game.

What is expected from you and other members:

For the most part, everyone is here looking to have fun playing PSO2 and learning more about the game. Members should feel comfortable to find other members to play with, as well as ask any questions they may have. We want our members to feel like they're in an environment where they can play the game, engage with others, and share their accomplishments and experiences, all while having fun.

Above everything, we encourage interaction with members of our alliance as well as others. Remember to always respect your peers, regardless of where they come from. We are all part of the PSO2 community. Disagreements may happen in any game, but take it upon yourself to not escalate them.

Any questions please DM me or Aku.

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