More Auxiliary Furniture?

We currently got a bath, a normal chair, a futon, a couch and a Rappy chair, but I feel like we could get some more in the future? Say, we could get a piece of furniture that fits the different private quarter themes?

There might be more auxiliary furniture that fits the other themes, but I don't think any of it has cycled in yet.

I'm using the blue furniture in my PQ, but I have yet to see auxiliary versions of it, so right now I'm still using the basic console.

@LazerRay Hopefully they do cycle in soon. (Would be amazing if there are some we can get by exchanging Phantacites for.)

hmm.. that's not a bad idea there are at least 10 Astracite-type materials with no use besides Target: Astracite, that would give them some meaning.

Out of what you mentioned, I know there is a bed similar to the Medial bay beds & a glowing platform that makes the auxiliary a normal person's height with an option to loop certain emotes. (coming soon)

I wonder if there are other items like the bed you mentioned, having my auxiliary at player character size might be fun for screenshots

@Church10129 I'm curious about the name of that furniture as well, the one that makes your auxiliaries the same height as a PC.

I'm not sure what global plans to call it, but I know it as パートナーホログラム (Partner Hologram)ui_item_5011795.png Although in the JP server, its part of the SG Swap Shop for 30 SG items. As far as I'm aware there are 4 chairs, 3 bath tubs, 3 beds(futon included) , the default console & the Hologram.

pso20210107_010324_003.jpg Its not max quality, but it gets the character size across.

Interesting, curious if we'll get this soon or around the time Luster comes.

That is a must have, much better than the console.

It might even confuse people who visit PQs.

@LazerRay Definitely would XD Seriously though, this definitely is a must have