What to do with all these Weapon badges?

Rising Weapon Badge 1 - 53 Rising Weapon Badge 2 - 209 Rising Weapon Badge 3 - 102 Rising Weapon Badge 4 - 2119 Unique Weapons Badge - 2755 Rising Weapon Badge 5 - 511

Trying to clean up my storage. Currently have a 90 Etoille and Phantom. Any advise on what to do with these things?

Use them at the badge shop. Don't rush them all, especially Rising Weapon Badge 5. Use them for any novel weapon / unit of your choosing. I'd suggest start with using one for your main class and work from there. I use the other badges when I need a weapon for an alt that I don't have the badge for yet. I also say research the topic a bit more to have more of an informed decision. Rising Weapon Badge 5's are important.

I use them for gearing up alts or trying out new classes.

They are also used for quest triggers.

Most are used for quest trigger spam now, which i would suggest you save them for when needed, outside 5 and maybe 4 badge the shop items have very little use given the current gear we're at now. mainly because due to so many people trying to sell them all they are incredibly cheap to just buy.

Things to do with weapon badges:

  • Buy triggers as suggested already. Farming UQ bosses is the only way to get skydance boon S8 which is amazing but rng grind.
  • Fill out weapon collection both for titles and for self use, hopefully weapon transformation is better in NGS. So a collection of your favorite weapon type now will (hopefully) give you skin options later.
  • Dismantle for parts. Rising 5 is 15 star weapons and can provide a source of plam that is needed for the last 2 big weapon creation. Make sure you have all your novel weapons and units first before doing this.
  • Affix fodder, Rising 3 is ray weapon and ray has the Astral soul augment on it at +35. This is a garaunteed source for the current best soul in the game with the least amount of effort to obtain and makes for exellent folders to hold other affixes like reverie catalyst. There are some other weapons that provide very good +35 augments so look at the database and see what's worth grabbing.
  • Make it rain, just go throw badges around in the gate lobby, show everyone how rich you be.
  • Unique badges currently house one of the weapons you'll need to make the upcomming puras/stil weapons. Make sure you got that 2400 to buy 6 copies cause it's gotta be +35 for Zieg to create the super weapon.

I think everything's been covered, but just remember that even if you play solo those triggers can be valuable.

For example, RWB3s can be traded for Solo PD triggers (Light: Barren Blossom) and EH difficulty is great for quick Ex-cube Farming (~48/run with boosters) and UH grants a guaranteed ultimate booster upon S-rank (12min or less run, and I hear you can get a second from the boss crystal but haven't seen that yet myself).

RWB3s can also be used to farm 12man triggers for units with (Deus, Yamato, and Mother) Factors even on like SH difficulty as the rarity of the unit doesn't matter and you can reroll the Deband drink + carry the Nyoibo weapon to increase your chance at 4+ slots.

RWB4s can also be used on the 12man Persona trigger (Malevolent Void) to farm Void Erebite Fragments to make a Trailblazer weapon or make/upgrade Trailblazer units. You can solo this in 5+min on SH difficulty and it still grants between 2-4 Void fragments. Not a great return, but an easy farm that's pretty close to the EH drop rate (though the 4man trigger is still much more efficient).

I'll also second that some of the badge weapons have useful SAFs like Astral Soul, Phrase Weak, Sentence Arma, etc. In addition, the RWB5 Novel units have Stat 5 as their SAF where the stat depends on whether it's back (might), arms (precision), or legs (casting) and you can get stat 6 if you really want by upgrading to Liberate. You can also use RWB4s to get the materials to upgrade Ivlida units (buster badge shop) into Cleasis and then Schvelle as the Schvelle units have Sentence Might/Precision/Casting as their SAF on the Rear/Arms/Legs respectively.

And if none of this sounds appealing and you really want to get rid of badges, you can always buy the weapons because 11 stars (RWB1s) break down into 1 Ex-cube and the 13 stars into 3 cubes.

@Sparhawk said in What to do with all these Weapon badges?:

Things to do with weapon badges:

  • Buy triggers as suggested already. Farming UQ bosses is the only way to get skydance boon S8 which is amazing but rng grind.

Ahem. It's called Skydance Support.

The best method to farm that is to spam Mining Base VR triggers. Rolling a 13* leg unit in there is way easier there than PD and Luther. Then you just need to beat a 1/8 chance to land on SDS specifically. Happy hunting!

I haven't seen a 13* unit yet from any trigger so rng still wins. Maybe they'll add it to the medal shop when we get divide quests.