marketplace search not working..

as the title says, i type in something exactly as what it says and spelled and still doesn’t come up, been like this for a couple days. how can i fix this?

You need to go see the item itself from other player's equipment, the top-selling items lists, through the scratch ticket shop list, and any other way you can go see the actual item you looking for before you can see it pop up in the search. Kinda stupid right. What worse is after a certain amount of time passes the system forgets that you saw the items and disappears from the search again.

@Cedusa Thi has been an ongoing problem, even on the jp versions, the search system is very unstable, however, if you type an item exactly as it says and then press search anyway, it will usually come up if it exists. i mean the actual search for prices part.

If you're sure you've gotten the name exactly right then you have to press the button in the bottom left that says "search by price" to find it. If it's still up on the market you can click on the item and that "bookmarks" it for the quick search functions again. Apparently this has been a problem even with JP.

Problematic by design. Heck knows why they use this limited-time cache system, but it was done on purpose.

It could depend on whether it's a Fun/AC scratch item or an SG/Mission Pass/Title Counter item, since anything that was bought with SG or gotten from the Mission Pass will not show up as it's untrable/unsellable by design. So you could look through on Bumped to see if the item you're looking for is SG or not. I don't know if they list the Mission Pass items, though

@Irisundone the items i have looked up aren’t SG or anything, you can definitely buy them so idk why certain things won’t pop up that i’m looking to buy. i’ve typed it out exactly as it should be and nothing 😞 my friend said it works if you do that and it’s not working

@Cedusa If you are typing the name exactly, don't hit the Search button next to the item name field, just go straight to Search By Price at the bottom.