good units for force/tec?

i’m currently still using the brissa set, whats another set i could look into buying that’s not too pricey maybe? thanks 🙂

The Ofz series and cheap to boot. I have seen a piece as low as 78k though of course with 0 to 2 affixes. Plus you can upgrade them to 13* with Zig. Once you get the materials for them. They had an event/campaign that they provided the 12* Ofz set with a good set of affixes as a reward.

If you have the spare badges and meet the stat reqs, you can replace the Ofze legs with Novel legs from the RWB5 shop. Ofze legs don't actually factor into the back/arms set bonus, so they're replaceable. Novel legs have something like +100 DEF, +100 HP, +40 ATK, -2 PP compared to a clean Ofze before factoring in the RWB5 stock affixes.

@AiC-L should i just use the novel set or is Ofz better for force? i can afford all the units from the shop so just curious what you think?

The Novel for one piece of set, Base MEL Def +305 RNG Def +305 TEC Def+305 at +10 enhance MEL Def +427, RNG Def +427, TEC Def +427 with HP +180 PP +3, MEL +40 RNG +40, TEC +40

If you want to upgrade it.

The Rivalate upgrade for one piece base MEL Def +275, RNG Def +275, TEC Def+275, at +10 enhance MEL Def +385, RNG Def +385, TEC Def +385, with HP +60, PP +15, MEL +75, RNG +75, TEC +75

12* Ofz for one piece of the set base MEL Def + 235, RNG Def +215, TEC Def +225 at +10 enhance MEL Def +329, RNG Def +301, TEC Def +315 with HP+70 PP+5 added bonus for Set 1 back and arm MEL +80, RNG +80, TEC+80, Dex +50 HP +50, PP +20. For Set 2 leg and Ophista weapon Dex +50, MEL Def +100, RNG Def +100, TEC Def +100

If you want to upgrade it

Upgrade 13* Ofz for one piece base MEL Def +291, RNG Def +277, TEC Def+281 at +10 enhance MEL Def +407, RNG Def +387, TEC Def +393, with HP+120, PP+13 Dex +60, MEL +60, RNG +60, TEC +60.

If you plan to upgrade the Units, then the Novel set so you can upgrade them to the Rivalate set which would be a better choice. And plus the Novel set via badge exchange already has a decent set affix on them and you don't have to waste time to affix them as you would with the Ofz set if you get the cheapest ones from the players' shop.

@Cedusa 12* Ofze back+arms are actually BiS for 12* units. They have a ridiculously powerful set bonus together, and they're really cheap thanks to the catch-up event from last month. The only slot you should consider other options for at 12* is the legs. Novel is just my suggestion if you have tons of badges and need that extra bit of defense before you go full 13* units.

You also want to save as many RWB5 as you can for Rivalate weapons. You need to buy 6 of the same Novel weapon to upgrade them to +35, where you get access to the S5 after transforming it into a Rivalate. Novel units are just a stopgap measure until you get access to 13* units, whereas Rivalate weapons can be brought to the final boss.

Note that switching to the defensive drinks to increase survivability is actually a large loss in DPS. The large Shifta drink is +50% attack power. If running a full Novel set is what lets you keep that, it's worth the comparatively minor loss in offensive power from losing the 12* Ofze back/arms set bonus.

tl;dr : Only buy Novel units if you're getting demolished on UH. Otherwise just use Ofze until you get better 13* replacements.

You can clear the Episode 5 story and get a full set of Phobos units as well which are kinda close to the Ofz units without the awesome set effect. They're actually quite viable even in UH, obviously not ideal, but it's an entirely free option. They are 12* units as well so you can slot rings into them.

Edit: All 3 Phobos units come pre-affixed this way: phobos.jpg

Edit 2: You can also trade Rising Weapon Badges 5 down to 2s and get the Circuray units and then run some solo Butcher of Light triggers/UQs to get the union boosters to trade in at Zig for Circunion units that all have relatively high stats built into the units.