[Ship 2] Nivis Casus - Accepting old and new members! (Semi-Casual / Hardcore , NGS ready) - Discord, community oriented, and fun!

Alliance Logo

Alliance Name:

  • Nivis Casus


  • StrikerSaint


  • Amari Nerza
  • Enjoy
  • Force
  • Minerva

Alliance Type:

  • Semi-Casual / Hardcore
  • Endgame-focused & improvement seeking.

Active Timezone(s):

  • International, mainly NA EST evenings at peak (5 PM EST - 2 AM EST)

Alliance Requirements:

  • Be active and have fun. Joining our discord is required, however VC is not mandatory.

Alliance Description:

Nivis Casus was built with the intent to have a community that will thrive with the interactions with its members and non-members alike. We are looking for people that would like to grow their in game knowledge along with just having fun doing what PSO2 has to offer. We aim to run multiple events if possible. PM any of the officers to ask for more information! Ab hoc montibus umor oriri.

PM any of the officers to ask for more information!

Do you use Discord?:

Interested in joining?:

  • Feel free to reach out through discord or apply/message in-game.

/ / You'll find us in block 05 \\

Alliance Info

Just did our UH Luther Trigger event on 1/9/2021, about 4-5 hours worth!

Mining Base VR trigger runs this upcoming Saturday with a 84mil prize pool for the team that gets the most S ranks! Should be fun 🙂

Alliance tree is now maxed out!

Active in discord and NGS ready!

NGS is around the corner now June 9th! Hopefully we get to see new faces around and to have a good time!