New Summoner to Be - Any tips?

Hi all - I've been considering it a lot over the past few days and I'm pretty sure I want to be a summoner.

If that's the case - and I don't know how up to date all the guides online are - I know I should be aiming for Light element pets. Should I be focusing my MAG on T-Atk or R-Atk?

for long term, I would almost say to focus your mag on dex; as a class not yet available can convert mag dex into all three attack stats. Until then; I'd say the best subclass for summoner is fighter, but braver is a decent second place too.

Light is usually best just because the Falzspawn are everywhere, but feel free to have some extra pets around in some of the other elements too.

Summoner's main selling points is that each pet can fill a different role of sorts; some pets punish overagressive enemies, others can dish out large amounts of damage to stationary targets, and others sill can fill a niche of keeping up with enemies that dash all over the place! I'd recommend getting a hold of each pet you can, and getting a feel for what their moves make them most suited for.

@NextTime000 thank you, any advice is appreciated. Just I know the mag is the one thing I don't wanna screw up. Which class is the one that can convert dex? Is it like a proposed one coming in a future update? I know there's the successor classes that unlock at lvl 75

once available, phantom is the preferred subclass for summoner I'd say. braver and bouncer both have skills like that too, but they only cover 2 attack stats.

as long as the ex-cube exchange has what I think it does, messing up your mag should not be a huge issue.

however, I don't think you'll have to worry about your mag too much though; especially since you don't even really need a new tact until much later

All good info, for summoner upgrade your weapon asap with the trash loot weapons, lot good candy into your box an brake the blocks on pets you will use,have fun. Well other classes will hunt for 13* weapons ect we hunted for candy! An eggs lol

@Arctic-Kyros My bad bent to say braver an didnt get to edit my last post lol, but ya braver is one of the top 2 sub classes for the summoner.