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RE: pso2 hacks not working.


Please note that we do not tolerate this kind of thread. We will be removing this post as it violates our Codes of Conduct.


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RE: PC Exclusives should be made available to XBOX One players are well.

Hi guys! I just wanna inform everyone that ill be moving this topic to the game suggestions. Hoping you guys are enjoying 😊💞

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RE: [Ship 02][ES] UwUverso - Alianza Hispana [Discord/Facebook/Steam]

You can do it @Gaston ! Wishing you a great adventure with your recruits! Have a great day! 💞

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RE: Ship 2 is KIA...

Just a heads up guys, Ship 2 is already up and running now. Will be locking the thread now. Thanks for staying cool while waiting and we apologize about the issue that has happened >_<

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RE: Recent update is a proof NA Sega doesn't really care

Hey ya'll! We're all listening to every feedback and just wanted to assure you guys we're doing our best to make the game more exciting as it should be. 😉

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RE: Error code 630

Hello, ARKS! Apologies for the inconvenience. Have you tried sending a ticket regarding this issue? Our support team is more than happy to assist you. You may send a ticket in this link:

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RE: Independence Day Event, why no event for Canada Day

Hello guys, we understand that some Country events was not in the game. Rest assured that we will definitely add this to our suggestion pool for consideration. Thank you for bringing this up! And by the way, please keep the discussion civil. 🙂

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RE: Guide: Dont be this guy

Hello All, as a warning, please note that posting or sharing contents that advocates or promote unlawful behavior is prohibited. Thus, we will be locking this thread now. Thank you!

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RE: A couple of issues with the game that I think need to be addressed.

Hi guys, I just moved the thread to "Suggestions, In-game Suggestions" section as it is best suited for this discussion. Thank you.

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RE: Slave Weapon Name Change

Hello! Please make the discussion civil. There's no need for unnecessary arguments. Rest assured that we will definitely forward these to the devs.

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