RE: Phantasy Star Classic AC Scratch is here!!

Hi all! Glad you're happy with this AC Scratch collection. I'll let the team know about the Wren fashion/cosmetics. Are there any other character outfits you'd like to see?

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RE: Risa (Ep. 6) speak Japanese instead of English

Hello! Thank you for sharing this issue. My apologies on not seeing previous posts on this bug. Can you specifically identify the Story Quests in Episode 6 where she speaks Japanese? Also, can you confirm that your language settings in your option menu are set to "English" for text and voices? Thank you!

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RE: Critical issue with fully updated Windows 10 version 20H2 and GameGuard when playing PSO2

Hi guys. Thank you for sharing these issues. Please let me know if there are additional issues that occur surrounding Windows system updates.

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RE: When can global expect expert matching?

Hi all. So, how would you want this expert matchmaking block to work? Can you explain what you guys think would be ideal?

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RE: General OT to NT // OT to Camo request list

Hello all! I'm going to be presenting this whole list to the team and we'll see what we can do about getting these. I also use Weapon Camos to make sure my outfit goes with my weapon, so I sympathize with you all on this. I would LOVE more Rod Weapon Camos! (I play Rod Ph.)

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RE: For the love of Falz, please give us Spirited Parfaits, we're almost caught up to Japan and they got them a LONG time ago...

Hi guys! I'm bundling this thread as feedback along with another thread on the same topic. In that thread I confirmed that I'll bring this up to the team though! Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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RE: I'm sick and tired of people "Waiting for NGS" and absolutely do nothing at all in PSO2.

@MasterDarkwingz said in I'm sick and tired of people "Waiting for NGS" and absolutely do nothing at all in PSO2.:

If there were NGS Pre-Release Exchange Ticket items we could get from Xia for clearing Urgent and Buster Quests, the population activity would skyrocket. Sure there'd be the rehashed newbie set items, but getting anything for free from merely being active is a bonus at this point.

Hi all! Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this. So, besides the above idea, does anyone else have suggestions for what they think would encourage those "waiting for NGS" to take part in regular content again?

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RE: One Major Update Away, How Do You Feel?

Hello all! So, in addition to SG items, I understand there is a Summoner item missing? What did you mean by "Summoner CF" @Amari-Kigu ? What other items are you still missing @Milk ?

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RE: Where is the Spirited Parfait?

Hello! Is a "Normal Attack-only Rappy" something popular with many players? Forgive my lack of knowledge, but my personal characters have either been Gunner, Hero, Force, and Phantom. I will bring this up to the team, however!

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