RE: Zig wont help me, Can you?

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Thread is going nowhere productive @GM-Deynger can we get this locked?

Supplementary request, can you please pass on players' feedback that the announcement's wording is incorrect and the harmonizer is the only Fluxio series weapon that cannot be freely switched to another weapon type?

(To provide clarity, this is not a game bug - the limitation is because harmonizers cannot have augments. The feedback is that the website's announcement is incorrect, not the game.)

Noted and addressed! As ever, please continue to point these things out if/when they occur. Thank you so much for your support!

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RE: Zig wont help me, Can you?

@Miraglyth Thank you for noticing! Was just about to let you all know this. And of course! We're always happy to provide clarification if needed. 🙂

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RE: Been reporting this one person on B22 Ship 2 for posting Lolicon Hentai almost everyday for 2 months and they still spam it?

Hello there, Arks. We appreciate you bringing this situation to our attention. In order to make Phantasy Star Online 2 Global the best experience possible to our players, we need your help:

If you see any Symbol Arts in the game that clearly violate our Terms of Service and Code of Conduct, please collect its “Unique ID” and report it to our official Customer Support at

When submitting a request, please select the following category: “Report a Malicious Player”

To collect the Symbol Art’s unique ID, please follow the steps below: Go to System → Symbol Art → History → Hover over the Symbol Art → You will see the “Unique ID”

Please submit a screenshot that clearly shows the reported “Unique ID”.

Your support is greatly appreciated!

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RE: Wild Easter Urgent Quest GLOBAL 2021 thoughts

Hi all, thank you for sharing your thoughts on Wild Easter. I'll let the devs know you feel.

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RE: Disconnected during a Rainbow Key...

@MarcosBR9999 & @Tyrnn-Eaveranth-0

WE do apologize for the troubles you are experiencing with the game. In order to further assist you, please submit a support ticket via our site. In order to do so, please make sure you are logging in to the same platform for which you are playing the game, and then click on the Player Support Icon.

For example: If you play via Steam client, then click on the Steam option on our website under the "Log into your account". Or if you play via XBOX, then choose Xbox Live option. Logging into the correct platform will ensure there is no loop issue and it will let you submit your support ticket so that we can assist you.

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RE: Mission Pass Season 15 Ugly Mixed Revival List

Thank you, @Miraglyth for your thoughts on this, as well as others who have chimed in with specific Mission Pass-related requests. It'll be passed along to the team!

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RE: Please merge ship 3 with any other ship

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I cannot stress enough that a dirty merge that effectively transfers players from one ship onto another at the cost of their alliances, Personal Quarters content (including irretrievable content like music discs some of which cost 3200 SG) and probably a lot of their ship-based storage would be a terrible solution to a problem that several Ship 3 players in particular have disagreed exists yet.

Please don't even consider this. Ever. Destroying players' virtual possessions on this scale in a live service game is suicide.

The only acceptable resolutions to this when it eventually becomes a problem would be to extend Universal Ship behaviour in a manner resembling that of Connected Realms in WoW which is a recommended setup to research.


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RE: Please say it isn't so. New Genesis

Thank you all for this valuable feedback on jumping puzzles and skill points! I'll send it along to the team.

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RE: Please merge ship 3 with any other ship

Thank you all for sharing your thoughts about the population of Ship 3 (and 4.) I'll let the team know how you feel.

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